10 Celebrities Involved Into Sex Tape Scandals

10 Celebrities Involved Into Sex Tape Scandals

Celebrities Involved Into Sex Tape Scandals

There is hardly a person who still hasn’t heard of Kim Kardashian’s homemade sex tape. But she isn’t the only one Celebrities  whose intimate life became widespread. There’re lots of embarrassing footages of famous people having sex. Beginning with Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson having an affair on the sunny boat and ending with Paris Hilton in night vision. The infamous Celebrities sex tapes have been watched by millions of people. The speech isn’t about provocative tapes shot by reality stars, but is about wonderful persons whom we see on the red carpets.

So here we go with the A-list of most famous homemade sex tapes of celebrities.

Colin Farrell

Among other leggy girls Colin Farrell dated Playboy model named Nicole Narain. In 2006, Internet Commerce Group released a 14-minute sex tape starring Narain and Farrell, displaying a possibly inebriated Colin yelling, “I fucking live on porn!” The actor quickly started a law case against ICG’s further distribution. Anyway, Farrell solved the problem with ICG and till nowadays, only short, seconds-long videos and still frames can be found on the sketchy Internet sites.
Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe was the 22-year-old prince of the Brat Pack in 1988, when he saw himself starring in the first official Celebrities  sex tape at that time. A clip introducing Rob having a threesome with two young ladies, one of whom was 16, appeared at the height of his popularity. He claimed that he thought those girls were both over 21. In 2011, Rob confessed to Oprah Winfrey that thing wasn’t the greatest one in his life, because he wasn’t sober enough to make the right decision.
Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane

Rebecca & Eric could get married, but in 2009, they taped themselves naked and having fun with an ex-pageant girl Kari-Ann Paniche. Dane pronounced himself the king of “Cocaine Manor” on the tape, and claimed that his alter ego name was “Peter”. It happened so, the three ex-friends were able to put out statements via spokespeople and let the whole story became a Hollywood gossip.
Kanye West

Kanye’s wife isn’t the only one who has a dirty secret in her past. He himself had a sex tape starring with a fan of Yeezy’s. It’s interesting, but the West’s sex partner looked exactly like his future fiancé and his daughter’s mother. That 20-minute sex tape was shortly purchased around the world, and Kanye was freaked out, because he didn’t want his Armenian girlfriend to be upset with the footage in which the Kardashian look-alike confessed she was 18-years-old and married. But probably it had another effect, if to mention how soon afterward West & Kardashian announced about her pregnancy.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea’s 15-second hardcore sex footage was actually meant to be seen by lots of people but not by the whole world. Handler included the video in a demo tape she produced as the part of the Hollywood audition process before she became famous. RadarOnline was the first who distributed that tape, when Chelsea amusingly told she has put it on an audition tape for a comedy club, while she was a comedian and she’s been displaying it at birthday parties for years. Well, she’s probably still laughing.
Britney Spears

Right on the height of her spectacular public breakdown, when Britney Spears became bald, she was involved at the center of a sex tape scandal. Adnan Ghalib, singer’s ex-manager, was said to be selling a two-hour sex tape starring himself and Britney having intercourse as she wore a hot pink wig. Later Ghalib denied everything, but only after those videos of the fallen pop star were found on different porn sites online.
Tyson Beckford

Tyson was just one of the few Celebrities  who actually starred in a sex tape solo. Hunky Beckford confessed to the authenticity of a brief and fast tape. The short video displays the model involved in pleasing himself while clip-chatting with a hot girl online. Tyson wrote on Twitter, warning his fans it wasn’t much of a sex tape.
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was very cryptic when the sex tapes starring her and ex-husband named Ojani Noa appeared on their honeymoon in 1997. Noa tried to sell hours of sex tape featuring himself and Jennifer having lots of private pleasures. Unsuccessfully. After J.Lo stopped that, he gave that tape to his new girlfriend to ensure the society would see it. Ew. Only in 2011, Lopez finally told about the sex scandal, saying, her first husband had tapes of them from their mutual life. It was horrible. It was horrible someone tried to sell private things, but there was nothing to do about it. There’s no sex tape anymore.
Kate Moss

There’s hardly a person who hasn’t seen the most famous Kate’s tape, displaying model inhaling lines of drugs. But the same 2007 year, UK newspapers reported that Moss’s cocaine-addicted ex-boyfriend, rocker Pete Doherty, was trying to sell eight clips starring him and Kate having intercourse. Was it necessary for both of them to tape everything? The tapes were pronounced as a documentary of their sex affair under the title known as Kate & Pete: A Love Story. Kate tried to sue Doherty, and probably she succeeded, as no footage was found online.

Leighton Meester

Could it really happen? In 2009, a sex tape starring Leighton was leaked. Fortunately or unfortunately, but the jury is still out at this question. That year the CelebrityHotLine.com sold the rights to a video displaying Meester enjoying very X-rated sex, none of which Blair Waldorf would appreciate.

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