10 Celebrities Who Told About Their Bisexual

10 Celebrities Who Told About Their Bisexual

Celebrities Who Told About Their Bisexuality

It’s not a secret that Fergie is about to come out any minute now but before being wife to Josh Duhamel and having a baby; this woman was known for loving some girls. She says she was very honest with Josh considering girls to be beautiful. Fergie got lots of fun with women and she wasn’t ashamed of it. The problem is that she also loved guys. But just because Fergie enjoyed girls didn’t mean she allowed having something on the side. She says she learnt thanks to talking with her therapist that any affair was still cheating even if it was with women, so there is a rule for her now. Are you surprised?

Then we’re going to dig a bit deeper and tell you about 9 other celebrities who have fun of being bisexual.

Billie Joe Armstrong has been a husband to Adrienne for about 20 years, but came out as bisexual in 1995. He said to his lawyer he thought he has always been bisexual meaning it was something that he has always been curious about. Armstrong is sure people are born bisexual and it’s just that family and society influences them into that feeling of ‘Oh, no, I cannot.’ They think it’s a taboo. People think it’s too bad when it’s not bad at all. Bisexuality is beautiful.

In 2012 Gillian Anderson confessed she had a relationship with another girl in high school. She said she was in a relationship with a girl for a long period of time when she was in high school and then she dated a punk rock star addicted to drugs. Gillian also said she was old enough to confess about things like those.

Evan Rachel Wood told about her bisexuality in 2012. She said that bisexuality was a large part of her personality, and it always has been for as long as she could remember herself. She has as honestly fallen in love with a girl as she has fallen in love with a guy. She doesn’t know how people can label it, but it’s just how it is.

Frank Ocean let to society know about his bisexual feelings when he was 19 years old in 2012. He declared, he didn’t know what happened but that was alright. Frank didn’t have any skeletons in his closet to keep anymore. He felt like a free guy to be with a man he liked.

A few biographies have reported Marlon Brando came out as bisexual, but he openly admitted his sexuality while he was alive. He said he had gay experiences like a great amount of other guys, and he wasn’t ashamed of that. He has never paid much attention to what society thought of him.

Megan Mullally says she isn’t the one who is bisexual. She thinks all people are born that way. As she said to her lawyer, she considered herself to be a bisexual, and her philosophy was everybody innately was.

In 2010 Amber Heard who now dates Johnny Depp, came out as bisexual at GLAAD event. She thinks sexuality to be a fluid thing. Amber doesn’t label herself one way or another; she has had happy relationships with guys and girls. She says she loves whom she loves; everything that matters is a person.

Drea de Matteo told the world about her sexuality in 2005. She said she loved guys and they were who she went out with, but every now and then…well, she couldn’t tell she has never been with a girl.

Vanessa Carlton confessed she was a bisexual while headlining at Nashville Pride in 2010. She reported she has never said that before but, while everybody was there and living out loud as they had every single day, she, herself, was a proud bisexual girl.

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