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3 Wild Tips On How To Spice Up Your Sexual Life

3 Wild Tips On How To Spice Up Your Sexual Life

Find out how to spice up your sexual life

Find out how to spice up your sexual life using these three filthy and wild sex tips! It’s easier than you probably think. It’s not always a case of going to your nearest sex shop or buying handcuffs, whips, chains and all other kinds of bondage equipment. Of course you can if that is what you are into, but it’s not always necessary. In fact there are lots of simple things you can try out with your sexual partner that will work just as effectively without you needing to invent something completely new. Here is the list of three tips you can start with…

Choose right positioning!

The simplest way to spice up your sexual life for you and your boyfriend is to begin with the learning some new sexual positions. Giving this advice can sometimes be disappointing while when we say it, we frequently get asked, ‘What’s the most exotic position can we learn?’ The matter is that there are lots.

But just because a sexual position looks exotic or you have to be very flexible to use it, it doesn’t in fact mean that it’s more pleasurable. Of course it can be fun in some way to try it out once or twice. You will actually learn that there are many other positions that are far more fun, pleasurable and better at spicing up your sexual life that are quite simple to use, whether it’s the Mastery or Octopus position.

Another thing that you will quickly find out is that the majority of the positions are frequently slight variations on positions that you already used. For example, the Coital Alignment Technique is simply a slight variation of the usual Missionary position.

Discover his fetishes

Every person in the world has particular things that turn them on intensely, that may not be so admiring for other people. For some men it could be getting a furious fellatio or it could be having their partner speak dirty to them. It’s absolutely natural and nothing to be ashamed of. These are fetishes of yours. Some may be widespread, while others may be things only you have dreamt about.

Your boyfriend is exactly the same and discovering what his fetishes are and trying them out with him is one of the complete best ways to spice up your sexual life and make it more fascinating for both of you. If you’re fond of this idea, then you may be admired to immediately discover what his fetishes are. Our advice is to slow down. These are usually very private things that your guy is perhaps very guarded about. So you are going to have to take a more gentle approach.

Begin with asking your boyfriend if there is anything that he would like to try out in sex. This is a nice, relaxed way to begin exploration of what he actually gets turned on by. Then once he can understand you are comfortable finding out what he likes, he will start to really open up to you and tell you about what really gets him off.

The important thing that you should do in this case is be understanding. You don’t necessarily need to try everything that he confesses to you, but you do need to be understanding and non-judgmental. As well as finding out your guy’s fetishes to spice up your sexual life, it can be just as fun to share yours with him too and then maybe try them out. It’s also a nice way to connect with your boyfriend as he is sharing his.

Fast oral advice

The last theme that we want to cover on how to spice up your sexual life is oral sex. Guys like getting fellatio from their sexual partner for a couple of reasons. The major one is that it just feels amazing! Another strongly powerful explanation that your sexual partner likes them is that the majority of men love to be the ‘powerful’ and ‘dominant’ partner, while their girlfriends are the more submissive ones. And giving your boyfriend a blowjob, especially while down on your knees, is a quite submissive act. While you will discover far more fellatio advice, we would like to give you a few fast tips right now to get you begin.

The wetter the better. Guys much prefer getting wet sloppy oral sex as opposed to dry and harsh ones. So the next time you go down on your man, don’t worry if you’re producing too much saliva. More than likely, your boyfriend will like it.

Do more than bob. The classic fellatio technique is to take his dick into your mouth and just bob your head up and down, with your lips moving over it. This is perfectly good, but you need to know that there is so much more that you can do to his cock. Remember that you can lick it, kiss it, tickle it with your tongue, massage and suck it and more.

Get around town. What we mean when we say, ‘Get around town’ is that you need also to try to pay attention to the spots around your boyfriend’s penis. His balls, inner thighs and perineum are all extra sensitive. So in case you can stimulate these areas while giving him a head at the same time, then your sexual partner is going to be a quite happy person indeed. In case you got fun of learning these three sex advice on spicing your sexual life, but want a true sex master class, then you may be interested in searching our site for more information.

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