4 Hot Sex Moves For Turning Your Guy On

4 Hot Sex Moves For Turning Your Guy On
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Hot Sex Moves For Turning Your Guy On

It’s not a rare female mistake to bend into some kind of exotic new sexual position to please a man in the bedroom. Definitely their variety brings some spice into your sex life, but it’s not always what your man wants to get and those sexual tricks can lead you to the emergency room.

Though, if you want your man to beg you about sex, you can try the hottest of true classic sex moves that already drive him crazy.

Are you interested? Then these four hot Sex Moves are specially for you.

1. Remember about your mouth. Receiving a blowjob is one of the hottest things a guy can get from his girlfriend. You can ask any guy and he will prove you this point. Before you start pleasing him, remember just three things about it.

– It’s rather to be too wet than too dry. All boys will tell you they prefer their blowjobs to feel luscious and wet than dry like sand. Too much saliva isn’t a point to worry about, vice versa it’s totally okay. If you have problems with moistening a penis with saliva then just use an edible, water-based lube.

– Penis isn’t only a head. There are testicles, perineum and shaft to be pleased by you too. And if your guy is okay about pleasing his anus and prostate, then there is much more space for your attention.

– No pain, just pleasure! Giving your boyfriend a blowjob, be sure you don’t bite or graze his penis. Keep serious about your boyfriend’s pleasure, not pain. Though, if you find it difficult to keep your teeth away from biting a head, or if his penis is too large for your mouth, then just wrap your lips over the teeth.

– Find out new wonderful techniques. There are a lot of wild arousing blowjob techniques in the Internet. If you’re interested, you just need to surf for watching some detailed blowjob Sex Moves.

2. Get away from missionary position. New sexual positions are the easiest hot Sex Moves you can learn. While the majority of people get used to their true and tried sexual positions like cowgirl, missionary or doggy style, you can learn and try lots of more lovemaking positions. Remember, that a great number of them require good flexibility and don’t actually make your sex great. So just be sure you can physically cope with those sexual positions.

3. Dirty talking. Sometimes a lack of speaking during intercourse just kills your sex life. So if you want to turn your man on and keep the right mood, then use dirty talking. Probably, you have never tried it before in your life and it makes you a little nervous when thinking of trying it. Remember, you don’t need to sound like a porn star during sex. It’s not always sexy to your boyfriend. The easiest way to say your guy he’s doing great is to moan and groan during intercourse. Or you can whisper into his ear “more” or “a bit deeper” to let your man know what you actually want at this very moment and keep him absolutely turned on. So surf the Internet for dirty talking techniques and try them with your guy.

4. Be turned on to turn him on. Showing your interest is by far the most powerful and sexiest hot Sex Moves you can use on your boyfriend. The speech isn’t even about dirty talking, knowing a lot of sexual positions or giving a good blowjob to him. To show your guy you’re enthusiastic means to let him know he’s doing a great job that turns you on. There is no guy who wants to feel like he is acting badly in the bedroom. Whisper naughty words into his ear, grab his hair or arch your back – these are hot, yet gentle ways to let your boyfriend know he’s turning you on.

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