5 Amazing Facts About Sex

5 Amazing Facts About Sex

Amazing Facts About Sex

The National Survey of Sexual Heath and Behavior reported about some fascinating facts considering sex.

The researchers asked 5,865 persons aged from 14 to 94 years old all kinds of questions considering everything from wanking to safe sex to gay experimentation. The results were almost expected, but there were also several amazing facts that caused our interest. You can find them below.

Gay sex

There are not only drunk college students who have same gender sex. About 6% of asked guys called themselves homosexual but 12% had got oral fun from a man, 11% gave oral sex, and 8% had ass fucking with a guy. At the same time, rough 15-16% of girls had experiments with one another while only 1% called themselves lesbians. While we discuss the theme of gay experience, same sex intercourse peaks for girls in the age of 20-24 year group and then tapers off, meanwhile same gender actions for guys start in the age of 16-18 year range and remain permanent until middle-age.

Safe sex

According to the study, only one of four cases of vaginal sex is safe. Nevertheless, the research also showed that more Afro-Americans and Latinos are permanent condom users if to compare with Caucasians. Overall the use of condoms is determined by age – probably due to marriage and monogamy – but thankfully, the research also revealed that those in a usual sexual relationship are twice as likely to use rubber as those in relationship.

Drinks and sex

Say what you will about these wild children nowadays, but the study shows that women and men aged 50-59 were usually age group to report having drinks and smoking marijuana before their last sexual activity.

Reaching orgasms

This one was no surprise but is usually disheartening to know, 85% of all guys confessed they reached orgasm during their last sex experience. In comparison, only 64% of girls could report the same. It also no surprise, girls are more likely to reach orgasm if there is a combination of oral and vaginal fun. Guys only need vaginal contact in order to get it. And confirming the stereotype, 85% of all guys believed their sexual partner had orgasm in fact.


Inside the age range, guys top girls in saying they have masturbated alone within the past year. The 25-29 age group to be the most active solo wanking period for both guys and girls, with 84% and 72% saying having done so. The lowest levels for both came in the 70+ age group (46% of males and 33% of females).

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