5 Steps For Reaching An Orgasm

5 Steps For Reaching An Orgasm

14If you are interested how to reach orgasm every time you have sex, follow these 5 essential steps! You are not alone! Lots of girls want to know how to reach orgasms. Some want to find out how to orgasm without problems, others wish to understand how to have their first orgasm. Do you want some good news? With very few exceptions, every girl can find out how to orgasm and get more pleasure. Our bodies were create for getting orgasm, and with some practice you will learn and master your skills so you can enjoy more pleasure, both alone and with your sexual partner.

Here is the list of top five steps you need to follow to learn how to orgasm every time! This entry is about female orgasm. In case you are a guy wanting to know how to orgasm in a new way, check our other articles on this theme.

  1.   Your body knows how to reach orgasm. Trust it!

Orgasm is a natural physical process, as natural as breathing. It’s a climax of sexual arousal, a melody of physical responses that consists of contractions of pelvic muscles and a flood of pleasure-inducing hormones produced by your brain. Your body knows how to reach orgasm, you may just need to give it some practice! Learn the pleasure mechanics sources on the difference between erection, arousal, orgasm and female ejaculation so you find out what your body is capable of.

  1.   It’s possible! Believe in it!

No matter how difficult your way to reaching orgasms was, try to believe that it’s possible! Your body was created for pleasure, wired to feel orgasm. There just may be several roadblocks getting in the way. But in case you don’t believe it’s possible, your body will not try quite hard. So promise yourself to reach orgasm, believe that you deserve it and approach each new sexual act with an open mind. Keep in mind, that the majority of women don’t have orgasm during sex, but rather through clitoral stimulation from oral sex or hands. So in case you haven’t had an orgasm during sex, this isn’t a trouble, it’s quite okay. Discover other ways of stimulating your clitoris, and then have sex after you’ve already had an orgasm and it will be way more pleasurable.

  1.   Get to know how to relax into pleasure

Lots of girls who fight with orgasm have a hard time staying relaxed as they get more aroused. Our culture is full of stress, so it isn’t a surprise that our bodies require more practice relaxing! Learning couples massage with your boyfriend can go a long way towards teaching your body how to relax during sex. While your sexual partner gives you massage, practice taking long deep breaths and keeping your brain focused on the pleasure of their touch. Then, when you are getting more arousing touch, your body will be better able to stay present with the pleasure as it builds towards climax. Schedule a relaxing date night with your man, take one of the Pleasure Mechanics Couples Massage videos on the Internet, and spend an intimate night learning how to touch one another with more skill!

  1.   Every part of your sexual system needs stimulation

The clit is the centerpiece of the female sexual system. It’s the anatomical match to the penis, so imagine guys trying to have orgasms without heavy penis stimulation and you’ll get a notion of how important it is. Never forget about clitoral stimulation, either through oral pleasure or the highly pleasurable fingering techniques you can find in various video guides. Hands are the best sex tool ever created! Choose the video and help your boyfriend become a master in touching your most sensitive part of the body! The techniques covered are the most effective way to learn how to reach an orgasm.

  1.   Move your pelvis!

Do you keep lying still when your sexual partner stimulates you? Make your body move to intense your arousal! Try simply rocking your pelvis to start, and then move on to more full body movements. Try undulating your spine, move your thighs in circles, and get into different positions. Your body should be entirely involved in learning how to orgasm. Moving more will relax your muscles; get more blood to your sexual system and release that is in your way from orgasm. You may feel silly moving, but most likely it will be quite sexy to your sexual partner!

As you discover learning how to reach orgasm, enjoy each step of the exploration. This is about pleasure anyway! Think of it as a trip. In case you are able to enjoy more and more sexual pleasure each time you have sex and masturbate, you’ll be on your way to an orgasm. If you practice all of these steps and still having problems with orgasm, you can share your story and get a free personalized sex advice on our pages. We believe every girl can learn how to orgasm, and that includes you!

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    Relaxation and no thoughts in your head is the best way to have a great orgasm – it is my opinion.

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    success of orgasm fully depends on your partner!

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