6 Facts You Never Knew About Clitoris

6 Facts You Never Knew About Clitoris

Facts You Never Knew About Clitoris

What do you actually know about such a little part of a female body as a clitoris?

Let’s get acquainted closer with one of the most sensitive organs. It is known that a woman’s orgasm is a very subtle thing and that her clit is the secret weapon to revealing her sexual pleasure. This powerful female sex organ has a number of facts you might never know.

1. Universal language

Actually, the word “clitoris” has an ancient Greek origin meaning a “key”. It can be also compared with the verb “kleitoriazein” that stands for “seeking pleasure”. Thus, as we can see, every linguistic origin leads us to the conclusion that a clit is recognized by many contemporary European languages as a key to pleasure.

2. Size matters

Clitoris as large as a penis. Haven’t you heard that yet? Yes, it’s right. It’s not a mistake. The matter is that the erectile tissues together with the valved capillaries take a larger area than you think it does. It means, female clit and male penis have the same weight and size. Oops..

3. It has no age

It’s not a secret that a woman can get multiple orgasms during her life, but nevertheless, her clitoris never gets old. Even when it gets mature, clit stays at the peak of the power for a long-long period of time. That means, women have the same capacity to get an orgasm including increasing pleasure even at 90 years old as they did in their youth.

4. Number of nerve endings

Clitoris has more nerve endings than you can imagine. It’s well-known that a clit is very sensitive, but you couldn’t probably imagine that it has more than 8 thousand nerve endings. It’s twice as many as penis has, and more than your fingertips, tongue or lips have.

5. Clitoris is stimulated with exercise

It’s impossible to imagine a satisfying orgasm without a foreplay. You will be surprised, but the best foreplay for a female clit is a walk. It’s enough 20 minutes to increase a female genital engorgement by 168% thanks to moderate exercise. The effect lasts for hours. So take your sweetheart for a walk in the nearest park and be ready to continue your communication in a bedroom. The more exercises, the healthier a clitoris is.

6. Connection with the brain

Perhaps, you didn’t know, but a woman’s orgasm is provided by nerves originating in around 6 different tissues. That means, nerve impulses from the clit build in the brain to get an orgasm. Various women have various active nerve pathways. Pregnancy, menopause or lactation can change those pathways. The brain’s thinking part interferes orgasm, which centers are located in hypothalamus. As a woman is about to achieve an orgasm, her clit integrates data from these inputs and reports from the hypothalamus, the cerebral cortex and the peripheral nervous system. Well, it’s better not think about it. In any sense.

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