A Guide to Anal Sex For Women

A Guide to Anal Sex For Women

2Get sex advice on joining the anal sex lovers club. Dr. Hilda Hutcherson likes to use sex toys and she believes the world is too much pornophobic, thus more girls should give anal sex a chance. In other words, she is the gynecologist every man dreams his girlfriend to meet. Girls who don’t like anal sex, she reports, are perhaps doing it wrong. We suggest you several advice and answers which Dr. Hutcherson gives to those ladies.

For those girls who are sure that ass was made not for being penetrated and think that anal sex is bad for them, Hilda says there is no hurt if you follow certain rules. There are official anal sex rules which you have got to want it. It is necessary to use a lot of lube and you need to start things slowly. Lots of lube means lots. You need to rub it all over the penis and then with the help of your fingers, put the lube around the anal opening and up inside.

There is a rumor that Astroglide isn’t good for anal penetration. This is because glycerin-based lubricants including Astroglide don’t last long enough. Lubes based on silicone are going to be much better for anal sex. In case you use one of the others, you need to stop, put more on, reenter…it’s just a mess. If you think that anal sex is perhaps a messy endeavor, you are wrong. It isn’t right to say so, but everybody thinks you’re going to have feces all over the place.

Of course, you can remember some stories, but if she were constipated, yes. Otherwise, no, not if she has normal bowel functions. Usually anus doesn’t have feces until it’s ready to evacuate. Physiologically, every girl can orgasm from anal sex, because the space between her vagina and anus is so thin that, in the doggy style, the penis is going to rub against her G-spot. Some girls find it’s the easiest way to stimulate their G-spot.


But in case you are a beginner in anal sex doggy position can probably be too intense, while she doesn’t have much control. So it cannot be recommended for girls during anal sex if it’s their first time. Lying on your side in the spooning position will not make penetration that’s as deep. It’s also a more relaxing position. After you become more comfortable, the doggy style is the easiest way for a girl to reach an orgasm.

Contrary to what guys believe, the average penis size is five inches or less, erect. So it isn’t possible to hurt her if it is thrust too far in. But in case we are speaking about an extra-long sex toy, then yes, it’s possible. Girls have heard of the male ego shatter. It’s rather interesting for them to learn if it possible to lose things in the butt. Well, not frequently, but it really happens. If sexual partners don’t use something with a wide base, it can slip in.

Dr. Hilda Hutcherson wrote a book called ‘Pleasure: A Women’s Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need and Deserve’ where she used a phrase about ‘being sucked in.’ Though it sounds scary the speech isn’t about black hole. She meant if something got sucked in, you have to go to an emergency room most of the time to have the problem solved. So all kinds of stories about light bulbs and different food items stuck in ass aren’t fake. Whatever is handy at the time.

If you cannot relax your sphincter muscles, Dr. Hutcherson advises to use Kegels. All you need is to sqeeze your muscles when you inhale and relax them when you exhale. Your sexual partner should slowly push the penis in as you relax. It’s a work for both of you. So what she is saying is anal sex takes teamwork. Thus your sexual partner shouldn’t just thrust his way in. Guys have to understand if they make it painful, they are never getting in there again.

As a doctor Hilda can say to a woman that anal sex isn’t unsafe. She isn’t going to be wearing a diaper, she isn’t going to face fecal incontinence, she isn’t going to be soiling herself or passing gas all day long. From her boyfriend, she wants to know that he isn’t going to simply enter it and go wild. Guys do sometimes – they lose their minds. Men have these fantasies, and once they are in the midst of penetrating them, they can lose control. A girl wants to know that he’s going to work with her, and that if she’s got pain, he is going to stop.

Dr. Hilda Hutcherson recommends easing your way in over a period of six days. You don’t need to begin with the penis. Work your way up, stimulating the outside with a finger or tongue and then slowly use your finger to fill the anus. And then once she get used to that, you can go on to better and bigger things.

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