Are Bisexual Girls Lesbian Or Not?

Are Bisexual Girls Lesbian Or Not?

It also demonstrates that bisexual girls can have long-term relationships.

The American Psychological Association published a research reporting that girls can have a long-term attraction to both sexes.This study was aimed to refute the stereotype that bisexual females were lesbians trying to straddle the fence between their true feelings and societal expectations.

It also demonstrates that bisexual girls can have long-term relationships.

There were 79 women who participated in that research work. Essentially, these girls checked in 5 times over the ten-year period of time the study lasted. The unlabeled bisexual women were about changing their tastes over the period than lesbian girls, but typically switched back to their primal status. The research has been done by Dr. Lisa Diamond (University of Utah). And she didn’t notice if any of them were just doing it to drive guys’ attention.

We think that the LGBT society has a collective sigh of relief that somebody has finally accepted their orientation. Perhaps, Logo will even do a special on it. When she was asked if she planned on doing a follow up research on guys, Dr. Diamond probably answered ‘no, pretty clear they’re gay. Or sometimes they’re just drunk.’

There’s still this stereotype. Bisexual girls are even treated as sexual pariahs by other bisexual girls, which is something we never actually understood until now. Bisexuality has a name derived not only from heterosexual communities, but in the LGBT community as well. Is it about abandonment, over powering suspicions that once heart, soul and body have been given they will up and leave after catching sight of something better from the not so fairer sex? What it seems to be in its roughest form is a sort of discrimination. And there’s nothing wrong with all of people having discriminating preferences, born of individual and sexual appetite and desire because we all exhibit this, but what of those who blame solely based on the label alone?

There is a story of a girl who was actively looking for a girlfriend some years ago she’d become somewhat dejected when she’d hear from girls who were not interested in guys, butches or any lesbian whose outward show fell within a male range. She was young and naïve and didn’t have a clue how a feminine lesbian denied to be sexually attracted to her lesbian girlfriend. She wondered what their excuses must have been, and were they really valid or just based on shoddy stigma of a whole group of eligible girls.

Why didn’t she just realize that they simply weren’t sexually attracted to the demeanor or look of a dominant lesbian male attributes. Why lesbians were not able to realize that bisexual attractions to guys were as valid as were their attractions to girls. To be called confused and flighty was an insulting claim given against anyone who thought as such. It wasn’t until she discovered her own solid attraction to feminine girls that she realized that very pertinent notion of chemical and physical attraction.

That girl still believes, even for herself, that attraction can happen between any two girls regardless of how they or others think themselves to be and what their physical attractions include the right circumstances and a bit of effort. Nevertheless, as she alluded to earlier, they are all entitled to their tastes. Where does that leave bisexuals? It’s up to who you ask. Lots of lesbian women were sexually involved with guys at one time or another, yet since totally assimilating into the lesbian lifestyle and accepting the lesbian stigma, they get little if any backlash. This is not to say those girls were bisexual at any time while only they know their thoughts and body and its needs and wants.

If the state of bisexuality is inherent, it’s up to the person to know. In case it’s a natural progression that gives a girl a chance to be with a guy all her life, then once she understands what she’s been needing, craving and missing all this time, then so be it. She may fall in love with the most unlikely person, but those feelings are realized and awakened, and she’s no longer living and loving. Imagine coming to realizing about your sexual orientation, coupled with the ability to love another monogamously and unconditionally. The feeling is for sure one that will have an important influence on the course of an individual’s life.

It’s historically mentioned, that bisexual girls have gotten a bad wrap. That girl observed instances where a female who is bisexual is asked to choose between lesbian-bisexual-heterosexual labels just because she is in relationship or dating a certain woman or man who needs this. It’s a demand that may be derived from insecurity or fear that if one isn’t forced to make a choice, they will stray. But it depends on the person doing the request to determine if that fear is rational.

Some will make a choice of a label willingly, but for the majority of the bisexual community they feel, and properly so, that they need to be able to attain their identity no matter of who they’re shacking up with. She held some of those views as her own at a time when she was young and unable to articulate that the power and respect required by the bisexual community wasn’t a joke. They are inclusive when the speech is about helping to struggle the good fight right alongside the other letters making up the LGBT society, and they have struggled alongside them for years at a time.

Another argument she has heard time and again has to do with bisexual girls who are promiscuous. Usually it’s a result of individual, negative experiences and the consequences of heartbreak. Some of discrimination faced by bisexual people is akin to wrongly thinking that they aren’t able to make up their minds, thus the reason they hesitate. It’s true to the opposite, and is safe for those exceptions to the rules. No matter if they are with women or men, their relationships need to be respectful without condition that they afford heterosexual and homosexual couples. There is quite infidelity inside the lesbian society having nothing to do with bisexual girls for the focus on the sexual freedoms of bisexual girls to be aware of blame. The two heterosexual women making out on girls gone wild aren’t accurate representations either.

She also wants to address bisexual guys and butches. She has yet to hear a valid argument proving why there is something wrong with a guy attracting both genders and reciprocating that attraction. This is while they have got more options, and with more options there is the need for more protection about not getting insulted. Those thoughts are as valid, however unfairly exaggerated among bisexual girls in comparison with lesbian women or lesbian women only.

It’s another reason to make unfair assessments based on individually skewed points of view. Men’s and butches sex orientation is determined psychologically and outwardly based on individual examination of their emotional, sexual and physical needs. This self examination has been seen negatively while trying to describe them as queer and odd when really, what’s queer and odd is to project one’s own sex identity and sexuality onto another.

They aren’t to realize everything, nevertheless, they are meant to grant and get acceptance onto those issues that intend to promote peaceful continuity and loving harmony in individuals’ lives regardless of sexual identity. Well, conscious discrimination is still discrimination. None of them are immune to it, they may become aware and be ready to overcome those obstacles that make them think irrationally about issues they don’t totally realize or have never had. When they provide their own international divisions inside the LGBT society due to irrational fears, they alienate allies. The matter is that the negative sexual behaviors so casually used to bisexual girls who exhibit them can be discovered in all ranges and identities of lesbian women, so really, why can’t they all just get along and back to loving one another.

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