The Concept Of Bisexuality: Attraction Within Genders

The Concept Of Bisexuality: Attraction Within Genders

It means, that since the United States widely accept homosexuality, bisexuals and their mates are on the agenda now.

What do you know about bisexuality?

What is hidden behind this concept? Bisexuality is like a new gay. It means, that since the United States widely accept homosexuality, bisexuals and their mates are on the agenda now. Bisexuality is still stamped, stereotyped and discriminated. So it needs championing, while in the nearest future the concept of “biphobia” will be as known as “homophobia”.

Inside the gay community, bisexual people have historically been considered as confused or not brave enough to say about their homosexuality. As bisexuals play both sides of the fence, it’s a clear reason for gay people to be avoided of being claimed bisexual. Bisexual girls and guys were born to feel as if they didn’t belong to heterosexual or gay side, but everything changes.

Bisexual people have a choice. They may practise bisexuality, homosexuality or heterosexuality. Only the first mentioned option excludes monogamy. A lot of bisexual people choose to be practising straight ones as it’s easier and let’s feel them sexually fulfilled in a relationship with a person of opposite gender. As life passes by, they discover that they’ve actually got a strong attraction to the same gender. And that’s how we end up with individuals who change their orientation after they turn 30, 40, having got married and had children.

As straight people don’t have any sexual interest in people of the same gender, and gay people don’t have any attraction to people of the opposite gender, bisexuality means you have any degree of sexual interest in both sexes (even if you have a certain preference for one or another). It can be also treated as partial bisexuality. What to choose to identify is a matter of an individual choice. Negative treatment and accusations of denial that bisexuality can be attractive, force bisexual people to put themselves into straight or gay category. But it still doesn’t mean bisexuals are equal to gays in denial.

In 1948 the Kinsey Scale was invented. Its revolutionary idea was in the fact that a lot of people didn’t fit into either straight or gay community. Many of them were somewhere in-between, and individuals’ feelings and ideas considering the same or opposite gender wasn’t always consistent during years. It was the first time, when guys who loved both girls and boys had a chance to look at research and see the sense of their existence. That study played a great role in assisting bisexuals understand they weren’t filthy or wrong; they were just at a different level on the human sexuality scale.

Lots of bisexual guys were scared of coming out with both sides of their sexuality, so they made a choice of taking the more accepted way of marrying a girl and starting a family. Some of the married bisexuals couldn’t disclose a same-gender attraction, but they couldn’t ignore it either. There are guys in every state who sleep with their wives and also have a male lover somewhere on the side.

It isn’t difficult to understand that a man in this example is a real gay, but he isn’t able or ready to come out. But in some cases it isn’t even close to the truth. If to assume he is a bisexual, he may be perfectly satisfied with both girls and guys in his sexual life. There is only the one problem possible in this case: his wife may not be okay with all of this.

The majority of the bisexuals still choose not to come out with their same-gender love affairs with their wives. There are cases, when the fear of being rejected by the society keeps them silent, while other bisexual guys feel they are happy in marriages and don’t want to change anything risking to lose their wives by coming out with their sexual attractions.

For the majority of bisexual men the matter is in sex, not in love. The problem is there are a lot of nuances when bisexuals keep a major part of their private lives secret. It not always means the loss of marriage but as the result of it can be the loss of individual integrity and self-esteem. If to believe to researches at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, they claim that levels of anxiety and depression are common for guys who hide their same-gender relationships.

The study of human sexuality and science are intended to show people why bisexuals are the way they are. The bisexual blame of being scared to reveal themselves or confused will surely change thanks to sexual education and conversation.

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