What Is The Difference Between Gender & Sexuality?

What Is The Difference Between Gender & Sexuality?

Expert Dawn Michael tried to explain. Sex as we know it in simple determination, you are born a male and thus your sex is a male or you are born a female and therefore your sex is a female.

The same is about sexuality; you are a girl and attracted to a guy or you are a guy and attracted to a girl (heterosexual).

Then there are gays and lesbians attracted to the same gender or bisexuals attracted to both genders.

The above mentioned notions are terminology of sex and sexuality. The part about sex and sexuality that may become enough confusing is if you are born a woman but you feel like a man or you are born a man but feel like a woman. This would be labeled or categorized as sex confusion or transgender.

Sex and sexuality really differ. When the speech is about sex confusion, lots of times it is not that the individual is confused about his sex per say as much as he is confused about whom he is attracted to, his sexuality. A guy who feels like a girl on the inside can be attracted to another guy, but in his brain he does not see that as a homosexual relationship but rather as a straight relationship, while he actually feels like a girl in a male body. The same can be told about women.

Even more confusion yet can be that an individual feels one sex on the inside, with his body being different sex on the outside and then being attracted to the same gender, meaning that he is gay. There are also other factors that can be involved in the confusion. For example, hormones, public views or religious upbringing.

For any personal going through the process of sex confusion or watching a darling fighting with the confusion it can be a hard and a long way ahead but one that lots of people feel is worth going. Having a strong support system and being aware of what options there are available can help a lot in understanding this complicated theme.

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