What Is The Difference Between Having Sex & Making Love?

What Is The Difference Between Having Sex & Making Love?
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There is a thought that having sex and making love are different things.

There is a thought that having sex and making love are different things.

You’ve heard of it for sure. So let us discuss whether it’s true or not. The first question to answer is if there is even any difference between these two notions to start with. The answer is yes, absolutely.

It seems that lots of persons think that difference in notions of what you physically do with your sexual partner while having intercourse in the bedroom. There is a stereotype that making love is emotional and sweet, isn’t it? It’s very intimate, soft and slow action. Your sexual partner is giving you lots of kisses like Luther Vandross croons mildly to both of you. You hold your hands and keep eye contact. You hearts are beating simultaneously and bodies get sweated in the shape of joined wedding rings. It’s very gentle and beautiful.

So what about having sex then? Sex seems to be primal, dirty, carnivorous and frenzied. It’s a sweaty, foul-mouthed and clawing action. Instead of champagne and Luther, you’ve got a couple of malt liquor bottles and the filthy rap melody your mother and father wouldn’t let you listen to as a child. It’s like porn without somebody holding a camera over your bodies. It’s about taking the whipped cream from the fridge and performing actions with it that your granny Mary would never appreciate of. Having sex is filthy, nasty and everything that making love is not. Right?

No, you’re wrong. We should always resent this division. It fuels another division that the majority of women just hate: the lady and the slut. We hear things like that every day, in snappy little gossip taken from who knows where like ‘you cannot make a whore of a housewife.’ You can hear it even in your favorite rap music, for example, Ludacris needs ‘a lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed.’ The male world is obsessed with looking for and finding ‘wife material’ and the litmus test is always black and white. Whores do this, ladies do that, and never the twain will meet. What a boring stereotype though. It’s essentialism that is needless. How funny and unfair it is.

We’re going to share a radical idea with you. The difference between making love and having sex is actually love itself. No matter what you are doing in the sack. No matter if you’re missionary only, fully dressed up from the waist up with a sheet separating you and your sexual partner or your legs are over there and someone else’s are tangled in the bedframe and there are blindfolds, saddles, video cameras and riding crops – if there is no love between the partners, it’s just having sex. And if he pulls out Freddie Jackson’s best songs, the rose petals and an old bottle of Boones Farm, it still doesn’t mean he is ready to marry you.

Since you are in love, you can become as filthy, nasty, messy and dirty as you wish. It is still making love. Just filthy, nasty, messy and dirty love making, and remember there is nothing wrong with it. It can only make your in-loveness stronger. So here we go. Put on the handcuffs and wrap your right leg around your neck in the name of love!

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