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Don’t Fake An Orgasm

Don’t Fake An Orgasm
Girls usually fake orgasm

‘Girls usually fake orgasm while they don’t wish to wound their sexual partners’ ego,’ Jane Greer says. ‘In fact there are no pros to faking it.

Actually, the only one who is faked out is you. It’s 11 p.m. Imagine you have had the most terrible day – children, chores, appointments, errands – so you are totally exhausted mom. On the other hand, your sexual partner is feeling filthy and wants a major sex session. You can even compromise a little, but as far as you are concerned, your orgasm might live somewhere in Timbuktu, while it’s going to take you hours to get there. Is it alright if you, well, fake a bit in order to move things along? Dr. Jane Greer who is a family and marriage therapist in New York answers the question.

‘Girls usually fake orgasm while they don’t wish to wound their sexual partners’ ego,’ Jane Greer says. ‘In fact there are no pros to faking it. In case you do it, ultimately the only one who is faked out is you. It actually damages your sexual self-worth; eventually, you will begin to think that you cannot reach an orgasm, and you will wind up feeling like something is wrong with you. The point is it’s important for you as a girl to be able to show a range of sexual responsiveness that doesn’t display on your guy. It’s important for you to be true to yourself!’ In case your boyfriend is in the mood for a long sex action and you aren’t:

Stay Honest

Greer reports this day and age, girls need to be authentic with their sexuality. ‘They need to be able to say to their sexual partners, ‘I am really tired. I may not be able to reach an orgasm.’ It will keep your orgasm – or your boyfriend’s inability to give you one – from becoming a big issue. In a weird way, being honest will give you the freedom to reach orgasms more frequently in the long run.’

Find Compromise

‘Actually it’s completely okay if one of you gets off and the other cannot get an orgasm, as long as that’s not happening all the time.’ Greer continues. She recommends telling your boyfriend you are not in the mood, but letting him go ahead. This is because you never know if his sexual desire just might ignite yours. And once the pressure is off, you might very well discover that you are suddenly relaxed enough to get an orgasm.

Be Giving

Greer advises to please your sexual partner instead of faking your orgasm. You can say something like, ‘I will get you off,’ or ‘I will speak to you while you get yourself off’ or something else. That is called being giving. It is about sharing and caring.


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    tigress 17 September, 2014, 12:20

    Trust and honesty are the base elements of any relationships. We can find a compromise in any situation.

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