Being Gay Is A Choice Not An Addiction

Being Gay Is A Choice Not An Addiction

Being Gay Is A Choice Not An Addiction

In the sexuality playbook is there a defensive line for not being gay?

We don’t think so! Let’s talk honestly. Manti Te’o and your stalker can leave the news headlines. We are sure Manti would like that. And what about the confused Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, while molestation might lead to some of your actions, being homosexual is the matter of DNA and not to be called a kind of a “drug addiction”. If you wish to be cured then ask liars anonymous group to be healed or keep chatting with Dr. Phil while he is obliged to make you heterosexual.

On the professional field of football, you’ve got Chris Culliver who is cornerback of the San Francisco 49ers. He is desperately in need of sensitivity training after his known statements against homosexual guys. Nevertheless, his loose speech caused a defensive lineup consisting of Eric Decker (Denver Broncos), George Wilson (Buffalo Bills), Ray Edwards (Atlanta Falcons), Chris Kluwe (Minnesota Vikings) and Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots) to take a stance for gay rights.

Beyond the stories and where they raised from the messages still seems to be that gay thing is an illness that can be cured. Actually sport fans, that play has been run lots of times and it still doesn’t cause a touchdown or a national title. In fact, if you’re purchasing into that scenario then you are suffering from a game day hangover, forgetting to wear your own helmet while you considered you could take a hit or drank from the cooler filled with imbecile, bigoted and inhumane juice.

It doesn’t matter what you consider homosexuality to be, but it’s not an illness or curable. Being gay means another way of being human. How do we know? Well, first of all, a lot of boys sense attraction to males since childhood, when they are old enough to understand that what was between their legs was different than what was between girls’ legs. It’s not even necessary to play doctor.

As soon as they are in puberty period they want to be with their best friend, often cute, hairy-chested and well-endowed young gay . Before that they may get used to imagine making out with him. Later in college there can be another sweet guy with a firm ass and gentle smile who send their radar knocking before they knew they were gay .

Some of homosexual guys are not ex-gay survivors. Though, sometimes they enter into some religious “therapy” when they come out. Discussions with the college pastor and the pressure of loving urging family, lead some guys to believe they need to change their ways and draw into religious foundations. The only problem that can be is that at the end of session these guys would rather have gone home with the cute pastor then back to their dorm rooms to try to hide their true sexuality.

It’s a painful point to think about going back to pretend to be heterosexual just because you need to please anyone else. It’s a miserable and unhappy thing. Like lots of guys, some of them live in the shell of an existence. Sometimes these men get married and have kids but that were not really them. Does that sound like how gay guys want to live? We don’t think so. That’s a reason why choosing to be homosexual just isn’t an option; misery isn’t a company to love.

By the way, homosexuality isn’t all about sex as it may be considered by the society. If you believe everything you read and see, lesbians and gays live on the island of orgy but in real life they also have homes, kids, hold down jobs, watch TV and suffer through bouts of intimacy deprivation with their sexual partners.

At the end of the article the one thing we know that the estimated 4 million lesbians and gays in the USA alone (without counting the other millions around the world) is that they are human and they were born that way. All you need to do is to take the religion out the discussion and what do you finish with? A friendly football game.

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