Gay For Pay Phenomenon

Gay For Pay Phenomenon

Gay For Pay Phenomenon.

Gay For Pay Phenomenon. For the majority of people, being a male porn star sounds great, as you can make all your nastiest sexual fantasies come true, and a lot of hot chicks are waiting for you to penetrate them in the wildest ways possible.

But the reality for male porn actors can be far different. The matter is that male performers make significantly less money than female porn stars.

As the porn industry is very competitive and young “ready for everything” guys with big cocks and muscle bodies appear almost every day, many guys have to struggle for their benefit.

Trying to find fame and fortune together with bigger money, a lot of straight male porn actors go “gay for pay” today. Despite their natural sexual orientation, they bend over thinking of the big cash coming as they’re getting fucked. Today we’re going to share with you three real stories of the biggest male gay for pay porn actors in the industry to see if they have managed to find the success they’ve been looking for.

Jeremy Bilding: “A hole is a hole”

Jeremy Bilding is a Boy Scout ex-leader, who is famous in straight porn as Adam Driller. He was living in Denver, Colorado, when responded the advert for porn performers in the web communities network Craigslist. Jeremy had to have a solo scene, and then get a blowjob from another actor. Once a woman told him, “If you’re ok with a blowjob and straight anal sex, then you can try gay sex. A hole is a hole”.

Jeremy quickly used to his new sexual experiences in movies, but says he has better connection with females: “I am not bisexual. I am sexual”. That means he can appreciate the appearance of a guy. While some gay for pay performers are almost homophobic and hate what they’re doing and do it for money only, Jeremy says he loves his job. Nevertheless, he is always a top and never a bottom: “My fans don’t want me to be a bottom. I’m only top”.

Jeremy’s friends and mom are supportive, while the first ones are joking, his mom sometimes gets confused about his son’s future. She wants to see him famous. “But I’m famous!” – says Jeremy, “I’m flying all over the world for making appearances at parties, make money and win awards”. As for the gay men, he says not everyone agrees to work with straight boys. “They think of us as rigid and distant”. Bilding says, he has different tricks, he can kiss a guy or fluff him if he needs that, and he is pretty decent orally.

Wolf Hudson: “I’m tired of hiding”

The day Wolf couldn’t mask his identity and hide anymore, he tweeted he was a bisexual porn star fucking pussies and sucking dicks for a living. Today he is the only male performer who has the same stage name for both straight and gay videos. Wolf moved over to gay porn just after a few months of shooting in straight one. Hudson thinks the adult industry is surprisingly conservative and he tries to fight that system. “White America holds the porn”, he says. “Don’t be surprised with cases of racism and homophobia in this business”. “I don’t let anyone say me what I’m supposed or not supposed to do”.

It was the money that draw Wolf into gay pornography. Each scene is paid twice as much as an actor can make in straight porn. Of course, he denies he is gay in his private life, saying he prefers sex with women. Gay videos give Wolf more fame in comparison with straight porn, and today the majority of his fans are gays. It doesn’t bother Hudson though. He says a lot of his fans have a dream of seducing a straight guy. So it isn’t true that they want to see real gays on camera only.

Wolf loves his job, but says there is a lot of double-standards in it. For example, porn industry has many cases of gay for pay women in it, but it’s only males working in the same field that cause controversy. Or straight porn goes ok with bareback videos, while it is a taboo in the gay pornography. And it is still mentioned HIV to be a “gay disease”, so bisexual actors like Hudson can be placed in a black list.

Wolf get used to live with hypocrisy he meets every day. He had to work really hard to gain respect for what he’s doing for a living. He also does transgender skin flicks. Hudson says he prepares for a scene, no matter is it a woman or a man in it, the same way – he thinks of a past hot experience he had and it works. Wolf dreams of starting his own studio with no barriers that gives job to sexy people who know how to bring something new to the table. His aim is to make his mark on porn business.

John Magnum:“There isn’t much choice”

John was a former US army guy living in Las Vegas before being spotted on MySpace by a talented porn scout. Today, he has 2,000 followers on Twitter which is more than the population of his native town in Alabama. John featured his ex Army Commander as the owner of a gay leather bar in a movie. “He’s a big masculine guy who is definitely fond of leather, though you may never think of him as being gay”, he says. Magnum says he’s not a bisexual, he just lives in the moment and enjoys cute people.

A big dream of his is to start a large project in James Bond style. It should be an action-adventure online series with gun fights, stunts and fuck, of course. Magnum says it’s like a game-changer for porn business, adding that in a Bond video, the hero and his girl will strip and fuck on the camera. John takes part in straight, gay and transgender porn videos, but draws a line. He says he will not floss at work. It means he won’t lick guy’s hairy ass. Otherwise, he is ready for anything, thinking it’s normal.

John acts as a top and rare as a bottom, but he still hopes to hold back some surprises for his fans. Magnum says male performers don’t get many opportunities as girls do. “Chicks can begin with solo scenes while they’re skinny, then move on to girl-on-girl scenes, then blowjobs only, then start fucking, then put on weight and go for anal fuck, then double penetration and actually do gangbang videos”. “Moreover, girls can come back later as a MILF and repeat the process. Guys have only a quarter of those opportunities”.

To draw a conclusion, it is necessary to say that many gay guys consider straight men to be objects of their sexual dreams. That’s why some gay porn producers described some performers as straight to increase publicity and sales for their videos. Plus, a big number of gay and bisexual guys who star in gay movies may wish to be identified as straight for professional and personal reasons.

While some straight porn performers’ first step was to do solo gay scenes only, others have begun acting in gay porn to be accused of being gay. It is often the case when the higher pay scale and profile within a production leads to group scenes in which a straight performer is a top only. Lots of times a “top” actor will then be treated as a bottom, so his debut is often thought as a notable event.

The majority of male porn performers are paid much less than girls in straight videos. However, male porn actors who do gay stuff get paid more than in straight porn. It should be also mentioned, that gay for pay actors get more opportunities to become famous than in straight pornography where the spotlight is focused around the female performers. As a reply to criticism in the gay community, some of these male actors (with or without the advice of their agents) would sometimes admit that they’re in fact bisexual although they are just only gay for pay.

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