Why Do Guys Watch It?

Why Do Guys Watch It?

This question is as old as the Universe is. Anyway, it’s still actual. So why the hell men need porn? Why do they watch it and just can’t give up? As Family Safe Media says, around 72% of porn sites users are men. In USA along the adult business rakes in over $15 billion per year. So let guys explain by themselves why they like porn.

SavvyMiss.com published an article trying to figure out why guys say they like porn videos.

According to it, watching porn is very normal for men so that they even share their most favorite videos and DVDs with their friends. “This action is as okay as letting someone lawn mower or borrow a power tool”.

The same article says, that a lot of men like watching porn, as it just can alter the mood very fast, as one guy said. It works good for its aim, when applied in moderation. But just like with all substances that can alter the mood, there are those who abuse the thing and give it a bad name.

If to follow that article idea, it will be clear that there is a fine line between watching porn and having porn destroy relationship. So how can you figure out if your boyfriend has an unhealthy porn habit? The article explains, that his skin flick watching has to be kept absolutely on the down level. “Porn has never to interfere with your relationship or life. That is porn hasn’t to be a substitution of a real thing. Or porn and his girlfriend should always be apart.”

No matter what side of the question you take speaking about porn influence, it is always a perfect idea to learn when it can be helpful and when it can be harmful for your relationship. Anyway, don’t take it close to your heart if it really doesn’t influence your life. It’s better to learn how actually porn can spice up your sexual life and make both of the partners happy.

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