Learning How To Squirt: Some Tips On Female Ejaculation

Learning How To Squirt: Some Tips On Female Ejaculation

2Take your sex life to the next height by learning how to reach squirting. Learning how to make yourself squirt can be really pleasurable, especially in case you do it with a sexual partner you care about. But the majority of women fights when learning the ancient art of female ejaculation and never discovers hot to perform it right. These tips will help you to see what you need to do ejaculate like a fountain.

Unlike learning a new sex position, where you only need to imagine a picture or diagram you discovered online or in a book, learning how to squirt takes more work and time than this. Making yourself ejaculate is a half-physical and half-mental phenomenon. You will not surprisingly be able to squirt by simply focusing on the technique I’m going to show you. You also require learning how to thoroughly relax and let go. So, let’s start.

What is the most important thing about squirting?

First of all you have to understand exactly what squirting is. Lots of girls believe that when they squirt, that they are in fact urinating. This is possible, but it quite rare. Instead, when you squirt you are ejaculating liquid from the Skene’s gland. The Skene’s gland is an area above the G-Spot and is actually close to the bladder.

As the Skene’s gland gets stimulated, it fills and then releases liquid – a squirting part. This fluid is released through the urethra. It’s the same tube that urine gets through. Finally, lots of girls say that they feel like they’re going to piss as they squirt. It’s an absolutely normal feeling. But importantly, it isn’t urine…even in case it feels like you’re peeing. So the first thing to learn is that a ‘I need to pee’ feeling as you’re about to squirt is completely normal. What is important is mentally ‘releasing’ and relaxing so that you allow your body squirting.

The reason the this is the most significant thing about squirting is because lots of girls who claim that they aren’t able to squirt do so because they are just holding themselves back, instead of simply releasing and going with the flow. So in case you’re worried about pissing, then just try the techniques we describe in this entry while you’re in the shower. That way if you do somehow piss, it will be all washed down the drain anyway. By the way, in case you want to learn how to give your sexual partner a strong, mind blowing blowjob, then you may want to check our techniques we share on our site.

Be ready for a flood!

Now when we have covered the one large, massive stumbling block persons encounter and learned how to squirt, it’s the very time to get yourself prepared! Several hours before you in fact start using the techniques below, make sure to drink a few glasses of water so that you’re properly hydrated. It isn’t necessary to drink gallons of water, but half a liter to a full liter of water is perfect. Then right before you lie down or go to the shower to start trying to make yourself squirt, make sure to empty your bladder.

Next it’s time to get comfortable. So in case you’re in bed, make sure nobody will disturb you and that you’re able to get in the mood. So you might want to try watching some porn films, reading erotic novels or just dreaming about your favorite hot and sexy scenario.

To get yourself warmed up start slowly masturbate. We know that getting yourself warmed up may sound a bit juvenile, but we’re so much serious. To make yourself squirt, you need to slowly build up your arousal for 15-30 minutes first. But don’t allow yourself to orgasm, make sure to get yourself close to it. Try to spend the main part of your time focusing on your clit and labia and don’t worry too much about penetrating yourself just yet.

The techniques of squirting

Once you’re really aroused, it’s time to focus on actually making yourself squirt. Begin with the entering your vagina with your fingers. Do this by sliding your fingers down your belly with your palm facing your belly. Then as you enter yourself with one or two fingers, curl them backwards so that they’re touching your G-spot. Your G-spot should feel like a wet raspberry…wet, soft and a bit dimpled.

Begin slowly applying pressure to your G-spot. Pay attention to how it feels. Get experimetns with applying less pressure. Then more pressure. Apply again pressure a bit deeper in your vagina. Then pull your fingers out a little. The aim of this is to figure out for yourself exactly what feels best and is most pleasurable. The majority of girls that use rather a lot of pressure feel best. So don’t hesitate to use a lot. In case you find out that you cannot apply enough pressure, then just use a dildo instead of your fingers. This is also a good idea in case you discover that your wrist is beginning to get sore.

As you apply more and more pressure, you will be stimulating your Skene’s gland more and more. As you do it, you will bring yourself closer to squirting. This moment when you feel like you are going to squirt is crucial. In case you’re afraid and believe that you are going to piss, then you will inevitably clam up and not be able to squirt. But in case you instead embrace the feeling and just let go, you will get that amazing feeling of squirting.

One important thing to keep in mind is that while the majority of women climax and squirt at the same time, some girls can squirt without actually reaching an orgasm. So don’t worry too much if you have problem getting climax when squirting, they don’t necessary happen together.

Stumbling blocks to squirting

Sometimes squirting doesn’t happen as simply as you would like. What to do?

It’s not happening. In case you are learning how to squirt for the first time and fight to make it happen, don’t worry! Instead try to focus on what is pleasurable and enjoyable. It can take lots of attempts before you actually find out the specific nuances and techniques that make you squirt.

A trickle, not a squirting flood. Various girls squirt in various ways. While some girls may shoot a stream 5 feet long, other women may gush or gently release liquid that trickles out without much force at all.  Both are absolutely normal, so don’t worry in case you only feel one and not the other.

You cannot squirt with him. Frequently girls say that they can easily squirt while on their own, but have much difficulties squirting in the presence of their boyfriend. Again, this is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. Just give yourself experience and time and it will eventually happen. We hope these steps will be helpful to you, your sex life and your satisfaction!


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