Lesbian Stereotypes: What is True & What is Wrong

Lesbian Stereotypes: What is True & What is Wrong

Lesbian Stereotypes: What is True & What is Wrong

There’re a lot of stereotypes about everything in this world. Lesbianism isn’t an exception. In the majority of cases they cause misunderstandings which are hard to disapprove. First of all, let’s speak about lesbian stereotypes themselves and see what ideas about lesbians are widely spread and how they actually distort reality.

But before we start it’s necessary to mention that the most of lesbians just want to live a normal life that includes marriage, work, children, love and fun and no fear. So when the speech is about lesbian stereotypes, it’s clear that lesbians don’t feel a huge need to have men in their lives.

Lesbian stereotypes made up & believed by men:

– men molested girls in their childhood so that they grew up lesbians;
lesbians can’t stand men;
– one of lesbian girls in a couple has to be a man;
lesbians just haven’t met the right guy yet.

It’s awful, but the statistics says there is a high percentage of women in USA who were molested. Anyway, it doesn’t mean all of them became lesbians. And not all of them can’t stand men. Thus the logic says there would be much more lesbian girls than straight ones. Perhaps, it would be good for lesbians, but life shows that doesn’t work.
The majority of lesbians like men, including their fathers, brothers, straight male mates and so on. To love another girl a lesbian doesn’t need to be a man-hater. To tell the truth, the idea about the right guy and his penis who can make lesbian girls straight is a part of the male stereotypes about it. This never happens, though there are rare cases when lesbian community loses its sister to a guy.
Lesbian stereotypes about sex:
– all lesbians use sex toys to take the place of men;
– no lesbians ever use sex toys;
– without a penis there is no real sex;
– there is a femme and a butch in every lesbian couple, because someone has to be a woman and someone has to be a man;
– all lesbian couples die in bed;
– lesbian girls dream about threesomes with a bi boy or girl because they can have sex with any woman around (this is the best one!)

Sex needs no penetration by any means, no matter you are lesbian or straight. The same thing is about an orgasm. It’s not always required too. Sex consists of kissing, licking, stroking, touching and everything in between and it can be really pleasant. It is possible to have amazing sex with a woman that doesn’t include an orgasm.

But it is also possible to experience one orgasm after another during lesbian sex which is almost impossible in straight sex. That can never happen being with a man. Never. Not even close. Besides it’s not possible to compare sex with a man to sex with a woman. So what is real and what is a stereotype?

Actually lesbian girls do all of the things straight couples do and way more connected with lesbian myths. Some of the lesbian couples really consist of femmes and butches and use sex toys, but that’s not for all of the lesbians. It also isn’t necessary to be a butch to enjoy a dildo or a strap-on. Lesbian girls of all kinds can enjoy them the same way as straight women do.

According to statistics, lesbian girls get more orgasms than straight ones. Besides lesbians get more pleasure from oral sex. The same statistics says, lesbian sex lasts for a long time. 39% of lesbian girls confirm their sex lasts more than an hour, while only 15% of straight women can say that.
It is also known that the majority of women get off with oral sex rather than with any other means. That means that penetration doesn’t bring most girls to orgasms. It doesn’t matter if lesbians use sex toys or they don’t, they have a lot more wonderful intercourse, more orgasms, more oral fun and long-lasting sex.
As for the threesomes, lesbian couples don’t want to have sex with someone’s girlfriends. It isn’t a good idea of watching a lesbian girlfriend having sex with someone’s straight girlfriend in other lesbian girlfriend presence. That’s nonsense! That’s a straight man fantasy driven by too much porn watching and his desire to play the hustlers game. In fact, no lesbian wants to play it if a straight couple appears in a lesbian club.
As for lesbian death in a bed, it can be real. But a lot of people just think it’s way interesting to speak about it from a lesbian side. Nevertheless, there are a lot of straight couples who are experiencing bed death. In other words, this phenomenon exists, but is way overblown.
Lesbian stereotypes about fashion and free time:
– if she is pretty, she isn’t a lesbian;
– all lesbian girls dress like men;
– no lesbians wear underwear;
– femme lesbians only pretend to be lesbians;
– butch lesbians wear short hair cuts and have extra weight;
– lesbians don’t wear bras and dresses, they hate shaving & make up;
– all lesbians are fond of camping;
– lesbian girls like sport;
– they drive Subaru Outbacks and Jeep Wranglers.

We think you guess, that not all lesbians drive Subaru or something like this. Of course, it can happen some of lesbian couples do drive Jeeps and Subarus, but it’s not all-inclusive. Lesbians are known for more practical approach to lifestyle. As there are no men in lesbian couples, they don’t need to do the heavy lifting. Instead they tend to get more of a take-charge attitude than straight girls about some of their choices.

By the way, lesbian girls have more practical sexy clothing to wear. Femme clothing is usually impractical and uncomfortable. As for the shoes, there are high heels or even worse – stilettos. Those high femme girls often have a butch partner to do all the stuff they can’t do wearing those heels. Well, the majority of lesbians need to be able to haul the barge or lift the bale. They like to go for practical, sporty, easy and fun.

Remember, lesbians wear lingerie as well as bras, dresses and make-up. Some of them, as you have just learnt, even wear high heels. Not all of lesbians go into sport. A lot of lesbian girls just like to watch and play, and that’s fine. Lots of heterosexual girls are into sports too. So they are the same.

Lesbian stereotypes that need to be totally kicked:

– the lesbian TV show depicts a real-world of lesbian lifestyle;
– lesbian girls try to seduce straight ones;
– lesbians are insensitive, rude, angry and boring;
– they’re crazy and will ruin your life;
– lesbians were tomboys in childhood;
– lesbianism is just a phase;
– lesbians have stock in U-Haul and own personal U-Haul trucks waiting and ready.

In fact, lesbian girls don’t seduce straight ones. The majority of lesbians don’t want to deal with the upheaval of a girl who is coming out. That is because coming out is a really messy thing. Of course, it has to be done, but no one wants to recruit a newbie.

The lesbian TV represents a sliver of lesbian lifestyle and lesbian couples. It showed how different relationships could be – a butch-femme, a femme-femme, and some in between. Nevertheless, it has also created a lot of stereotypes for straight people. The majority of girls are not of lesbian TV show world. They are just like the sisters, mothers and wives of straight people. But lesbians.

The U-Haul thing is partially true. Some of the girls learn to say no to U-Hauls and women who use them. As the society becomes more open it accepts alternatives to straight relationships and love. There is hope, that this stereotype together with lousy relationship choice will disappear from lesbian life.

In every stereotype there is a grain of truth. People use them for making life easier. Instead they limit how the common public ideas lesbians and the lives they have. Lesbian girls come in all sizes, shapes, races and colors. They live their lives in their own unique way. Thus instead of using lesbian stereotypes, it’s way better to get to know their world. Lesbian girls are really unique and special. Just like any straight one.

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