Being Proud Without Being Gay

Being Proud Without Being Gay

Being Proud Without Being Gay

Every June, rainbow flags fluttering in the wind as a bright sign of the Stonewall Riots that took place in New York, 1969.

This month is a time to honor the influence of LGBT society in the world and its fight for equal rights for both straight and gay people.

May 2010 was a date when Barack Obama claimed June to be a LGBT Pride Month and persuaded all the citizens of the United States to observe June by struggling with the prejudice and discrimination in their lives and everywhere where it can be found.

Well, on the other hand, it’s no wonder that along with the Pride Month there is hatred and jokes about “straight pride” and an overall reminder that we still haven’t yet achieved complete acceptance and equality. But what Pride Month is about is that people make progress by little steps.

Have you ever thought about how different the world could be if gay pride wasn’t required? The speech isn’t about diminishment of the Stonewall Riots significance or the problems that LGBT community has got and continues to get, but about the fight for acceptance. What if there were no marks and people just celebrated their humanity? Below is the PRIDE idea of what could probably be.

P – People with Aim

Let us imagine the world where people value each other for their personalities and achievements and not for their sexual attractions. So then there would be no need to divide straight and gay, black and white, smart and dumb. All people have a unique aim in this world and they have to be proud of carrying it out no matter they are homosexual or heterosexual.

R- Rich Variety

Among all the joys of LGBT Pride festivities observation of the rich variety of their society is one of the greatest. There are twinks, dykes, drag queens, lipstick lesbians, leather daddies, normal gays and so on. We have to realize that our world is a great spot of rich variety and it happened so we decided to indicate our uniqueness first.

I – Immense Inspiration

As lots of LGBT individuals have gone down in the struggle for equality, people should be proud to remember them during June. We don’t have to differentiate them from Oscar nominees or Pulitzer Prize winners. They all are wonderful persons who deserved their right to be respected and remembered.

D – Daring Definition

There is no social movement without daring definition which is required. Daring definition is necessary when we speak about discrimination, finding a medicine for a disease or anything else in this world. There is always a move to succeed and to overcome complacency when the speech is about any great person, reason or progress. Would be there any electricity, airplanes or freedom without daring definition? Celebration of Gay Pride is just one of the great examples of what is going on when a movement is based on daring definition.

E – Exterminate exception

People need to be accepted. Nowadays, they rather tend to accept intolerance that struggle against it. Gay Pride is supposed to break down these barriers and to love everyone for no matter who they are. Ideally, people should live each day as a pride day, or a day when they celebrate humanity, whether that is heterosexual or homosexual, female or male, old or young, black or white.

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