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Ten Things That Freak Out Men In Bed

Ten Things That Freak Out Men In Bed

couple-in-bedGirls aren’t the only ones who can be spooked in bed! It seems, guys have just as lots of run-ins with some freaking situations when having sex. While we discovered some girls were upset that they were not spooked more frequently, it was the men who were taken aback by some of the things with which they were acquainted. It would be possible to live in sexual harmony in case we could all just get on the same page as to what’s scary and what’s not.

  1. The Fifty Shades of Grey Women:

There are guys just like Justin (36) who are very angry with E.L. James, and the obsession she created with her book. ‘Obviously, a reading girl is sexy, but when she isn’t able to get through a session without referencing that book every 5 minutes, it’s the spookiest thing in the world. It’s also a boner killer.’ Does this happen much? Justin counts once as too much, so yes.

  1. Hairless Women:

Angelo (33), New York, is surrounded by the girls with bald vaginas – and is less than shocked with the trend.  What freaks him out is a woman whose vagina looks like an 8 year-old girl’s. ‘I am a guy. I don’t get off on having sex with little girls. When I see it, I will not stop, but I won’t be back for seconds. There are lots of guys who are into it, but I am just not one of them.’

  1. No Penis:

Matthew (29) is a homosexual guy looking for love in New York. Nevertheless, one certain incident a couple years ago made this atheist believe in god. He took a guy home, they were fooling around and when Matthew reached down his trousers, there was nothing! At first he thought there was something wrong until he understood he wasn’t a guy, but a girl! ‘Why would a girl come home with an obvious gay man?’ After his freak-out, she went away. ‘I don’t know how you girls walk around with nothing down there.’

  1. The Stuffed Animal Women:

We knew about Nate (36) before he was afraid of excessive stuffed animals, but he isn’t quite done yet stressing the fear this mood-killer. Nate feels like he has already answered this question for us during our last request for stories, but stuffed animals after that certain incident, are still freaking him out the most. ‘They might as well be a Chucky doll for me. What is wrong with girls and dolls when they are over the age of 30?’

  1. The Eternal Child:

Ryan (29) has never expected to walk into a shrine of posters devoted to N’Sync, but sometimes, like stuffed animal women, people just cannot grow up. At first he thought she was being ironic, while she had a hipster way about her, but taking into account the wall-to-wall posters of N’Sync and Justin Timberlake’s face on the ceiling, Ryan knew something was a little off with that girl. ‘I told her I had diarrhea and left to make sure I never heard from her again. Girls don’t like talking about poop.’

  1.  The Muscly Women:

There is no surprise guys tend to be really focused on appearance. From weight issues to the oh-so terrible term ‘but-her-face’ guys do come off as the more shallow of the two genders. Danny (35) proved this truth: ‘I don’t want to seem a douche, but I can date pretty much anyone while of the amount of money I make, so my standards are high. If a girl is going to only date me just for my cash, she has to be really sexy.’ Once Danny took a girl home, and when she got naked she had the biggest biceps he has ever seen on a girl. She had arms like Madonna and he was freaked out of what she could probably do to him in case he disappoints her. ‘I cut the night short, but I can assure you the majority of men don’t like big muscles on girls.’

  1. The Biting Women:

Olivier (40) had always been a fan of biting girls until he met one who took it too far. He says they were kissing, and she kept trying to bite his tongue. She seemed more focused on trying to remove it from his mouth, than actually making out. He felt like they were into some bizarre game, and the aim was to make sure that he still had his tongue intact by the end of the night.

  1. The Jane Doe Women:

Scott (33) had gone to a Halloween party years ago and met a girl in a cowgirl suit. They spent a good time and went home together…where she refused to take off her suit or disclose her real name. ‘She was absolutely into hooking up, but wished to do so with the suit on, and wouldn’t tell me anything about her. At first I liked the mystery, but the more I thought about it, the more I understood she had something to hide. For all I know I could have had sex with a serial killer.’

  1. The Handcuff Women:

Billy (33) pointed out, he is all for girls embracing their sexuality and being as filthy as they want, but there was one memory from his single life that he has never been able to shake. ‘She had like a dozen of handcuffs cuffed to the frame of her bed. We’d been out a couple times and it was the first time I had been to her house.’ All he kept thinking about was namely how many persons she liked to handcuff to her bed at a time. Like if he let her cuff him, would she run to get her neighbor and roommate, and cuff them too? Billy says it also didn’t help that they were all different colors and reminded him of Lucky Charms.

  1.  The Squirting Women:

Despite porn may make it seem like every guy is trying to land himself a girl who squirts, in reality, it isn’t always the case. David (30) shares: ‘I had a squirting girl once. It was a disaster. I thought she was peeing herself. My mates told me I should be proud that I could have such an effect on her, but I didn’t feel that way at all.’ Now David isn’t even exaggerating when telling us he lives in fear of ever coming across a squirter again.

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