The hottest sex positions everyone should ever try. Part I.

The hottest sex positions everyone should ever try. Part I.

The hottest sex positions.

Let’s talk about wide-spread sex positions that are the most convenient for a lot of people in the world. The main point of each pose: don’t be shy and use any helper object. Mix classic and experiments for total satisfaction. Improve your sexual skills with us!
1. Сentrifuge

The advantage of this sex positions is extra vibration. You can set on a washing machine and take you girlfriend. Washing machine does her job and you have fun (especially during spin cycle).


2. Stairs to heaven

Its advantage is the opportunity to hold on the handrail and don’t wait a bedroom sex.
Try this sex positions if you have your own house. Sit on a stair and take your GF over you dick. It is very easy to move when she holds on. Check it!



3. Waterfall

You have a great chance to put all upside down. It’s an advantage of this sex positions.
It begins in the standart woman-on-top position on a made bed. He should have his head near the foot of the bed. She faces him and gets into a deep squatting position with his knees bent and feet planted on the bed and he enters her. She leans back, supporting her weight on her arms behind her and rides him until close to climax.


4. Lift

The main advantage of this position is the opportunity to use it anywhere. The man stands while his partner on her knees. She takes your dick-friend into her mouth and moves her lips.
Our advice: the best location is by a mirror. You can see her body during her sexual efforts.


5. A girl on a sphere

A great advantage is jumping!
Do you have a gymnastic ball at home? Start up it! Set on a ball and take your GF over. And now jump!

6. Butterflies

The main advantage for a lover girl is that she can control the process of her pussy licking.
A men lies on his back while a women kneels with her legs and her pussy-girl is on his mouth.
Take our advice: make your tongue firm and your partner girl will be happy!


7. 69 sex positions

Its advantage is obvious: it is mutual oral sex.
It is called The Cogress Of The Crow in the Kama Sutra. Both partners are lying one on top of the other and please each other with tongues and hands.
We advice you to roll over, to change your top or down sex positions.


8. Face sitting

This position is interesting for a girl and comfortable for a man. Your lover girl will take your erect prick into her mouth and please it. You can maintain balance and hold on the headboard.


10. Spider

Its advantage for both partners is an opportunity to look into the eyes of each other.
To get into this position the man starts by lying back so the woman can sit down slowly on to his prick. The man then sits up and his knees are on the outsode of her body. She should also have her knees bent up so her legs are outside his. And know it is good time for motion!

11. Face to face scoop sex positions

The main advantage of this close pose is kissing and teasing.
This position is perfect for pregnant and some people with knee injury because there is no a weight pressure. Lie face to face on your side. Your GF should spread her legs a little and you should stick your tool into her hole. Then she moves her legs and pleases herself with a clitoris massage.

12. X-form

A long sex is the main advantage of this position.
The woman lies on her back, one leg extended , the other bent up. The man sits down with one thigh over her extended thigh and slips her bent leg under his arm. He braces himself with the hands behind his back to control the rhythm of the movement.
Good advice: join your hands and move your pelvises towards each other.


13. Angel

Your sweet ass is so desired for her! And she can touch it so much as you like – its the advantage of this hot pose. She lies on her back and you come inside her from the top. At that time your legs are on the sides of Gfs body and her legs are on your shoulders. Girls hands are on your buttocks and she helps you to move on.


Do you like it? Want some more interesting sex positions? To be continued…


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