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The Notion of Yogasm: How to Have One?

The Notion of Yogasm: How to Have One?


Yoga is famous for its metaphysical advantages to body and mind, but devotees are speaking openly about the orgasmic pleasure they feel during practice. Kelly Morris, a yoga instructor following cult at the Shala Yoga House (New York) says the first time it happened to her she was in Sharon Gannon’s class at Jivamukti, and she was in forward bend. Kelly was breathing and concentrating when, oh my god…At first, Morris was anxious and flustered that other people in the class might have witnessed her, mid-yogasm. While the majority of people who practice yoga don’t visit class with the aim of reaching orgasm, sometimes they get more than they probably wanted.

Gossip of the elusive yoga orgasm have been circulated for long time, but recently, teachers and students have started the discussion of the phenomenon more widely. Sex study-goers are also honing in on the matter: ‘It’s a new way that a girl can bring herself to orgasm without touching herself,’ says sexologist Dr. Jeffre TallTrees.

There are also other non-sexual activities that are told to induce orgasms, such as ecstatic birth, a trend that picked up steam for a couple of years ago and culminated in the 2007 documentary, Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret. Across the state, it seems more and more girls are investigating yoga’s orgasm. Bonnie Saldivar-Jones, a teacher at Ginseng Yoga (San Diego), says students open up to him about it all the time.

In New York, a woman who decided not to tell her name spoke with The Daily Beast about experiencing a yoga orgasm at Pure Yoga, a fancy studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side belonged to the Equinox fitness chain. She said she was in lotus position, focusing on breathing and lifting the muscles of her pelvic floor. She wasn’t ready for what happened next when her instructor pressed his body against her back and synchronized his breath with hers, lifting her ribs after she inhaled, and pushing down on her hips when she exhaled. She confessed she was tingling all over.

Marco Rojas, a famous name in New York City’s yoga community is a teacher. He is tattooed and toned and gives classes that are frequently packed with girls hoping to get some hands-on instruction. He isn’t scared of getting up close and personal with his students, sharing with them a whiff of his patchouli body odor, and quietly urging them in his Venezuelan accent to engage this or lift that.

But Rojas’ sexy aura isn’t the only thing that makes him so popular. He studied with Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller who are yoga masters and teaches a Vinyasa flow derived from Hatha, Viniyoga and Ashtanga – three various yoga schools that take their origin in India. His awareness of the old practice, coupled with his dynamic method of teaching, has elevated Rojas to near-guru level. His intentions as a yoga teacher are to assist students connect to their inner selves and bodies. Everything what happens beyond is simply accidental.

He says they go inward, from the superficial to the subtle when they work with yoga. While doing so, somebody develops a kind of sixth sense, a heightened physical and mental awareness. Rojas also says he has discovered that his faithful students have improved their ability to love themselves and actually to give pleasure to themselves.

One of yoga’s aims is to strengthen the muscles around and in the genitals, or the mula bandha. It’s like working out with advanced kegels, but with an instructor’s guidance and the implementation of particular breathing techniques. Perfectly, a yogi engages mula bandha throughout the major part of his or her practice, which is equivalent to heavy weightlifting for the genitals.

Tristan Taormino, the author of The Secrets of the Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation, says they have long known that doing kegel exercises makes girls to have more power over their orgasms and to have more intense ones. Dr. TallTrees breaks down the physiology further: ‘When girls engage their pubococcygeus muscles, the tissue around the G-spot swells, which can bring to climax.’ Even in case they aren’t yogasming in class, yoga students frequently claim significant improvement in the quantity and quality of orgasms they have during intercourse.

‘There was a woman, – Rojas says, – who visited a class where we focused much on mula bandha. She came back the next day and said to me she had an orgasm for the first time with her boyfriend of six years dating.’ So this is it. Things can happen! To infinity and beyond.

One might notice guys are missing out on the fun – which may be so for in-class yogasms, but they see advantages too. The way to engaging mula bandha is to isolate the perineum, a crucial spot of sexual pleasure for girls and guys, if to believe to South African tantric master named Alan Finger who is the founder of ISHTA Yoga (Integrated Science of Hatha and Ayurveda). When a guy draws his sexual energy in, and up toward his navel, says Finger, he strengthens his ability to prolong his stamina in a bed.

Alan says that guys in fact benefit sexually from yoga more than girls. ‘A guy begins at a disadvantage because his orgasm is outwards, which makes it shorter and briefer than a girl’s. But in case he can engage mula bandha during intercourse, then he is able to prolong his orgasm and make the whole experience more powerful.’

Lots of contemporary yoga practices, for example, Kundalini and Hatha, are rooted in Tantra, a spiritual movement defined in old Indian scriptures as an expression of joyous and divine consciousness. Tantric scriptures narrate sex is vital for procreation, liberation and pleasure. Sting, a well-known musician, is also a longtime yogi and advocate of Tantra, once said he and his wife had 7 hours of sex every night. Contrary to widespread belief, the aim of Tantra isn’t solely to engage in the sex act for as long as possible, but to move sexual energy based on mula bandha throughout the body, ultimately causing deeper ecstasy.

Yogis believe there seven chakras exist – vortexes of energy, if to believe to original Hindu texts – in our bodies, the first and second being the ‘sex’ chakras placed in the pelvic floor. By connecting to the root of those chakras and channeling them into the mind and heart chakras, one can feel an intensely meditative and spiritual full-body orgasm. Finger says it fills your being rather than simply being something that happened in your genitals. It seems more and more girls are investigating yoga’s orgasms.

For those people who practice yoga to take in the eye candy or to get a proper sweat, sermons on spiritual enlightenment can be a turnoff. But for real yogis such as Kelly Morris, one of only five senior Jivamukti Yoga teachers in the world and a devout Tibetan Buddhist, enlightenment is the guiding aim of the practice. Morris supposes that the yogasm is not just a fleeting moment of pleasure but an expression of kindness, compassion and enlightenment. Have you ever wondered why Buddha is laughing all the time in some representations? This is because he’s been having an eternal orgasm ever since he became enlightened, which gives the reason of the permanent goofy grin on his face – at least if to believe to one of the theories, Morris says.

There is no secret that the mind is a powerful part of arousal – so powerful that it can lead to orgasmic climax without physical stimulation. Morris says if you’re able to have an orgasm during your sleep, it’s certainly possible to have one in yoga class. He has had girls come up to him, usually quite embarrassed and freaked-out, and ask if this was normal or allowed or irreligious? He does his best to reassume those women that it’s natural. Then Morris tells them not to waste it, the way they have an ice cream and enjoy it before it’s gone.

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    I have never heard about Yogasm before. And I am interested in it)

    Does anybody try it? Tell about your impressions, please.

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  2. tigress
    tigress 17 September, 2014, 13:17

    I have never heard about Yogasm before. And I am interested in it)

    Does anybody try it? Tell us about your impressions, please.

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