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Top Tips For Successful Anal Sex

Top Tips For Successful Anal Sex
Anal sex

Anal sex isn’t for everybody and you have to want it and you have to be able to envision it happening great.

Learn the way for making anal sex pleasurable for you and your sexual partner. Find out how to try it without any pain and perhaps make it orgasmic.

It will never happen if you can’t see it happening

This is perhaps the most significant tip of all. Anal sex isn’t for everybody and you have to want it and you have to be able to envision it happening great. Your brain is a powerful tool and it’s a significant element to this type of sex.

Learn your body

You need to feel relaxed and clean. In case you have favorite sex positions for vaginal sex, try those first for anal penetration as this will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Take a shower first so you are one hundred per cent confident.

Don’t forget about lubricant!

We feel that the best results come when you use a lube on a silicone base. We can recommend you the very good silicone lube called Eros bodyglide by Pjur. Silicone lubricants stay slippery and silky and don’t get sticky like lubes on water base can. They won’t get dry like water based lubricants, either. Your ass doesn’t lubricate like your vagina when you are aroused, which is why water based lubricants don’t cut it for anal sex action.

No anal sex without a condom

Put a condom on any sex toys in case you are using them anally on you or your sexual partner, it’s much easier to sanitize later. Sex toys can take on a bad smell in case you don’t, so help them stay nicer longer.

Porn actresses often fingering their clits when having anal sex         

Clitoral stimulation or orgasms can bring blood stream to your pelvic zone. When you put a vibrator or other sex toy on your clitoris, it stimulates the ‘clitoral legs’ system and helps the sphincters to get relaxed. In case anything hurts, stop while anal sex must not hurt.

Warm up for anal using fingers or a little anal toy

Never use a sex toy anally unless it has a stopper on the end so it doesn’t get lost in your ass hole. Arousal can pull sex toys into the anus, hence all the 3am ER stories.

Keep in mind that porn stars are sexual athletes

Our boyfriends need to understand that we aren’t porn stars. Usual girls can’t do what porn actresses do; women have to take it slow and control the penetration. Let the girlfriend move onto the penis, the guy should never be the one controlling the penetration or insertion. No wild jack-hamming thrusting your girlfriend anally unless she begs you to, of course.

Use your muscles to push as you move on his penis

Pushing helps your muscles in the anus to relax and opens them a little more to allow for penetration.

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