Top Tips How To Make Sex Video

Top Tips How To Make Sex Video
sex video

Top Tips How To Make Sex Video

Here we go with hot tips that can teach you how to make a red spicy sex video with your sexual partner.

Your home video can be really hot, fun and very sexy. But first there are some significant things you should take care of, or you’re in for a bad period of time.

The point is in trust

There is no doubt, the single most significant thing that you need with your sexual partner when making a sex video is trust. There is nothing more significant. If there is no trust, you can’t be actually sure if your guy is going to share it with his mates or even worse. The last thing you really want is for it to find your intimate video on the Internet for the whole world to see. So our advice is not to trust everyone making a sex video with a man.

Instead, take your time getting acquainted closer with each other to make sure you’re both interested in such a thing and can really trust each other. As soon as you do it, you can get interested in experimenting first with an application like Snapchat to find out how you both feel about it. As this boring but very important part is over, let’s talk about how to make a fine sex video with your partner.

Camera & light

Let us imagine you’ll be probably watching and rewatching your home sex video with your guy for lots of times, but you’ll be making it once. So having this in your head, it’s very significant your sex to look as good as it feels. If your camera is lousy with bad lighting, there will be no fun of watching it no matter how great your sex really was. So here we have a few points how to make the quality of your home tape better than most humans’ efforts.

– Decent camera. You can say it’s obvious. But it’s by far the most significant advice we can share with you. Don’t get bothered with your 10-years-old video camera. Use a camera on your iPhone or smartphone which is most likely to be much better.

– Lighting down low. Remember you need all the focus to be on you and your sexual partner when watching your home sex video. There mustn’t be a TV or a chair instead. Turn your usual bedroom lights down low. In case you don’t have a dimmer switch, just throw a t-shirt over them.

– Focus the light. The majority of people don’t possess professional lighting equipment in their bedrooms. Well, if to be honest, no one has. So there is a thing called improvisation. Adjust a usual desk lamp to focus light on your bodies. The so called ‘snake light’ is even better and more adjustable. Another way to focus light on what you’re taping is to tape a little flashlight on your cam.

The angle of the camera

When the majority of people make a sex video, they just put the camera on the table, turn it on and leave it there until the end. This is often too lazy and boring way to tape. Here we go with a few various angles or shots that you can try when making a movie. And don’t worry if they aren’t easy.

– POV. The point-of-view angle is one of the best ways to shoot a video as its results in the majority of cases are fun and exciting, especially when there is a light pointing at what you are taping. It’s really perfect when you’re sucking your partner’s cock and he’s filming it. Moreover, you can be interested in this sucking video material in case you’re looking for some amazing tips on how to satisfy your guy completely.

– Side-On. This one can be called classic. All you need is to set the camera up on a table at the side of the place you have sex at, so that it’s taping the length of your bodies. But don’t set up the camera too far from the place where you have sex, use a chair if you need to take it closer. This angle serves for an excellent starting point.

– Close-Up. It may take a while to set up this shot, especially if you don’t wish your camera shaking during the process. You have to set up the camera so that it’s focused on your guy’s penis penetrating you, for instance. When putting it on the bed though, it will be shaking a lot, thus the result will be a lousy image. Get yourself busy with finding a place like a chair for putting a camera on it and zooming in manually.

– From Above. It’s one of the hardest angles to set up. But it can give you a really hot picture to watch, especially if you like to see your partner dominating you. Try to attach your camera to the ceiling or the lighting fixture on it. Missionary position can look really magical from this angle.

Other advice

We all know how exciting it can be making your own sex video with your partner. This process can carry you away to the point where you don’t actually plan it and just see how it goes in the end. We beg you to do at least a bit of planning before you start filming. It will give to your sex video fat better look when to watch.

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    nice tips, thank you! maybe now my gf will agree to do this

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