7 Excuses For Not Having Anal Sex

7 Excuses For Not Having Anal Sex
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Excuses For Not Having Anal Sex

When it comes to anal sex sometimes you just don’t want to have it! Here is the list of seven ways to say ‘no’ to your sexual partner.

According to a blogger named Amelia, anal sex is one of those things guys love that girls just don’t appreciate.

Well, men like the booty and they like doing the ass even more than chicken wings, boobs and gadgets together!

While Dr. V has been informing all of us how to have anal sex, not everybody is down for that type of information. Now we don’t want to seem uptight, we are aware it’s perfectly safe and, in some cases, really effective. But actually, we’ve already been taught in anal and although we flunked the final examination, we deny taking the same class again, if you know what we mean. So, here is how we’ve gotten out of having anal sex over the years. 7 excuses of not having anal sex are:

Birth Defect

This excuse is one of our infallible favorite. How is your sexual partner going to question a medical problem in your ass? The majority of men will not ask for the details because it sounds like an entire mess of TMI. Although, in case your boyfriend is a doctor, you may want to go with numbers 2-7 (and 6 especially).

Mexican or Indian Food

‘Sorry darling, but I ate some Vepam-Poo Rasam for lunch.’ Poo is totally freaking in the name – nuff told.

Backed Up

Well, so we know a blogger named Wendy said to us to never say to a guy you are constipated, but desperate times require desperate measures! It must get you out of penetrating more back there.


Booking anal sex as a special once a year experience can make it more exciting…Well, and it really helps you get out of anal sex in the other 364 days a year. We all get to do what we wish on our birthdays, so that feels like a natural time to let him go wild on your ass. And yes, when your birthday is coming, perhaps you can return the favor.

Big cock

Saying a killing compliment like ‘your dick is too large’ can be chased with a phrase ‘I can scarcely squeeze your immense horse-like dick into my little pussy, darling.’ In case if your sexual partner has a little penis, well, the jig is up. But is he is at least of average size, use this excuse!

Anal Virginity Till Marriage

To say you save your ass till marriage is one old standby. But now that we report about all types of sex, we cannot get away with it anymore, sadly. Everybody knows we are curious. Although you mustn’t manipulate a guy into proposing, but this is a perfect way to save the ass from men you are just casually dating. Now, for four carats worth of Harry Winston and a poofy white designer dress, probably you could become a bit more open to the question. We’re kidding!

Bleeding Heart

Okay, in fact blame it on your bleeding ass. As Dr. V learnt us, your thin rectum lining can tear during anal sex and there can be a little of blood. Lie a bit and say to your sexual partner last time there was a mess identical to a murder scene and it freaked you out. While it could be par for the course, just tell droplets coming out of your butt are scarcely sexy. Or in case you are really courage, tell him you’ve got hemorrhoids.

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