9 Tips For More Exciting Masturbation

9 Tips For More Exciting Masturbation

Tips For More Exciting Masturbation

Just like sex, masturbation get old when you stuck to the same routine over and over again.

Even in case you are a pro at masturbating, there are still ways to spice up your technique. Like having sex, there are lots of ways to masturbate and adding new ideas to your ordinary menu of choices is an amazing way to keep things arousing. Here is the list of some tips, in Honor of National Masturbation Month:


Some girls prefer their hands, others their range of sex toys, and, as several of my friends will attest to, a shower head with appropriate pressure can also be a nice clit pleaser. In case you are usually a vibrator or shower individual, try just your hand for a change and vice versa. You don’t actually know just how hard orgasm you can reach if you don’t try various tools for your self-satisfaction.


For the majority of people, masturbating means to put reduce horniness or to relieve stress, but why should it stuck there? In case you are having a terrible day, masturbate to take your mind off things and set your mood properly. Or if some part of your body is painful, masturbating, again, can take your mind off that pain, at least for a several minutes, and do some heavy-duty curing.


I’ve got friends who adore masturbating during the work day, and do so on a permanent basis. They like it for both the anxiety of probably getting caught (don’t understand why you’d want your boss to probably see that, but I digress), and because it breaks up the day rather fine. There are also those people who do it during long car rides; outdoor and an entire slew of other places. Actually, for some, when the urge is there, they slip their hand in their panties and go for the pleasure.


Although it may seem hard at first, mutual masturbation is a real fun. In case you and your sexual partner are comfortable enough, take a place on the couch, floor or wherever, then start with some dirty talking and you’ve got yourself a party. Pleasing yourself while your sexual partner is doing the same is really hot and leads for some intense anticipation of what might be next.


If you usually masturbate before falling asleep, why not to try in the morning, just before going to work? Beginning your day with an orgasm is practically a guarantee for a day of pleasant thoughts.


Don’t be focused on your clit only! Yeah, a lot of girls than not experience clitoral orgasms as opposed to vaginal and G spot related ones, but they really exist! Your time alone with your hand is your time to explore what you like and see exactly what feels best and now to get to that feeling.


You’ve got imagination for a reason. Of course, it’s for more than just fantasizing Ryan Gosling throwing you over the bed and giving you the ol’ in-out, but it also doesn’t hurt to put it into overdrive when you’re pleasing yourself. Close your eyes and let your dreams come true.


Tease! Guys will tell you being a tease is no fun – well maybe for them, no, but when you’re masturbating, don’t be scary of teasing yourself. If you aren’t in a rush, bring yourself to the sign of orgasm, then stop for a while. The stronger the tension you can create, the greater the orgasm will be. This is one more technique that you will be able to incorporate into your private life, especially in case you have a wee little of dominance play going on between the sheets.

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