Gay For Pay Phenomenon: Cody Cummings

Gay For Pay Phenomenon: Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings is a porn actor.

Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings

He is hot; in spite of his rather cheesy tattoos, his weakness to wear a heavy looking silver watch in all of his videos and his sometimes excessive abuse of hair removal products.

But Cody is also interesting as a gay for pay porn performer.

It means that straight guys engage in gay sex on camera for cash.

Now the majority of people know that pornography is all about fantasy. And that fantasy is frequently as constructed as the Eiffel Tower. If you ask us do we believe all of the men in gay for pay porn are heterosexual, we say not even a bit. All you need to do is watch a few such movies and watch these supposedly straight guys swallow dicks like they’re hungry and you begin to peel away that veil a little bit. But fantasy is fantasy and sometimes the conceit does wonder and great fun. And then there is Cody Cummings.

He has his own website which includes four kinds of videos that rotate through on a once-a-week basis: solo masturbation movies, sex scenes with a girl, videos where he is orally pleased by another man and movies with him, a girl and another guy where the girl gets laid and Cody gets orally pleased by all parties present. By the way, the bisexual threesome videos show up not so frequently. Cody doesn’t give head, doesn’t fuck other men and doesn’t get banged by other guys. He is the fantasy of the hot heterosexual stud who lets you suck his dick even though he’d perhaps rather have sex with a girl. Or with girls. The scenes that seem to get Cody Cummings turned on are the ones with another girl and another guy, which one can unpack in different ways. In other words, Cody Cummings is an example of a great marketing.

He is like the Jenna Jameson of gay for pay. She is known of not having anal sex which is a rare claim for a girl making straight scenes. And it’s believed that her massive fan base is explained by the fact all those people are waiting for a day when Jenna finally give her ass up on camera. For a long period of time, Mr. Cummings did nothing with men but got sucked. But recently he did a solo movie where he sucked his own cock. Then he had a threesome with a guy, a woman and lots of candy. It was really cheesy but at one point a lollipop got scarcely familiar with Cody’s manhole. Soon he was rather bold to allow a man to rub his cock up against Cody’s! And in later bisexual threesome scene he kissed the guy as part of a bet to get to bang the girl. And the deal is we absolutely wanted to watch the movie! Part of it is that we find two men making out to be one of the hottest things to watch. But the other is that we wanted to see him kiss another man!

And the result? The kiss lasted for about 2 seconds and had a bit more passion than we would imagine he’d have for kissing a family member. It was almost funny how non-sexy it was. But here’s the deal: most marketing doesn’t work all that well on us. We rarely see ads for things and want them and then go look for buying. But what’s even funnier of Cody Cummings and the entire gay for pay phenomenon is that it’s much like being homosexual and having sex with a heterosexual guy. The fantasy is frequently better than the real life and there’re lots of restrictions involved to fully enjoy yourself the way you would with another homosexual guy. And when it’s not like that and it’s really hot and sex, we would question just how ‘heterosexual’ the guy in question is.

Fantasy is fantasy and when it comes to your sexual fantasies, all bets are off and correctness goes out the window. Just try to remember that in reality the majority of those gay for pay guys are just that: homosexual guys who get paid to have gay sex. Just because they don’t have a big lisp and a limp wrist, doesn’t mean they are not family.

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  1. sexySarah
    sexySarah 6 November, 2014, 18:39

    Cody is so handsome and sexy! he could be my hero!

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