What Girls Actually Think Of Sex Toys

What Girls Actually Think Of Sex Toys

What Girls Actually Think Of Sex Toys

Keep in mind, guys, that sex toys are the key to happiness for everybody who is involved. Okay, fine, fine. We have finally made our way to the theme of sex toys for this most recent raid into ‘What Girls Actually Think…’ Are you confident enough to get acquainted with the results of our crowdsourcing, guys? Although meeting a girl who is against sex toys is quite rare, some men, nevertheless, are in fact a bit intimidated by the thought of bringing another little something into the bed.

It makes sense if to think over the orgasm-inducing power of some sex toys.

Sex toys for both guys and girls have been on the rise for decades, and more and more persons are using them with their sexual partners. Lelo Global Sex Survey figured out that 72% of those who have sex toys use them with their boyfriends/girlfriends. Of the girls out there who have a pair or more sex toys, only 28% of them are single, to compare with the 62% who are in committed relationships. Also, and you surely want to pay attention to this fact, guys, 78% of girls cannot get orgasm without clitoral stimulation. This means that in case you aren’t into bringing sex toys into the mix, then you’d better step up your game.

If you belong to the category of people that is still ‘meh’ in the sex toy department, then you may want to know that 76% of girls want their sexual partner to use a sex toy on them, and 89% of men are stoked to do just that. So what did the women have to report about this topic? Of course, there was the overly excited crowd.

Sarah, 34, says she wants them all! It’s fun for the entire class! (Which means ‘dear rich hypothetical guy, please, buy me a Sybian.’) Chandra, 32, says sex toys are amazing! They are perfect with a sexual partner or without him. Becky, 29, confesses that sex toys are great! She was 19 years old when she got her first one. She has enjoyed them alone, with partners and with ladies. They are quite much a necessity.

Sara, 41, says sex toys are a must have. She cannot believe any girl in fact has a truly pleasant sex life without sex toys. Her current boyfriend is all for them. She actually doesn’t consider she has ever dated anybody who hasn’t been, and she doesn’t think the relationship would last long in case they were. As her boyfriend has told it recently, she basically thinks of sex toys as a labor-saving device. Sara thinks everybody should have an orgasm as easily as men do, but it’s more difficult for the women, alas.

Emily, 26, says she used to think her sex life had become better with age, but actually, it was because she finally agreed to use her vibrator and some other toys with her sexual partners. Masturbation and sex with no sex toys is really lackluster. Then there are the men who simply aren’t into them.

Callie, 30, reports she has one sex toy. It’s like the most simple, hard plastic boring purple vibrator. She uses it at least several times a week, always alone, and she could live without it if she had to. Callie’s husband is a sort of a prude guy when it comes to sex toys for some reason. She has offered him to use them together and he never seems into it.

Alexis, 25, says her ex-boyfriend had this weird rivalry with her vibrator. He hated that it could give her an orgasm faster and harder than he could. That might be why he is her ex now. Annie, 25, says she likes all-natural. No plastic. She prefers other means…like a tongue. And as for the sole girl who is against sex toys when it comes to getting it on?

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