Guys Are OK About Girls Cheating With Girls

Guys Are OK About Girls Cheating With Girls

Guys are much more forgiving of same-gender than opposite-gender cheating.

Are you surprised? We are not. A recent research from the University of Texas at Austin has discovered that guys are more than twice as likely to stay in relationship with their girlfriends after they have cheated with another girl than after they have cheated with another guy. We women, on the other hand, are less likely to keep dating a guy that has had a same-gender fling than one who has slept with a girl.

The research surveyed 700 college students, asking them to imagine they were in relationships with somebody they had been dating for 3 months. Later they were asked to respond to various scenarios in which their sexual partner has cheated with a guy, a girl, multiple guys or multiple girls.

50% of asked guys said they were likely to stay in relationship with a woman after she had cheated with another girl, but only 22% likely to keep dating with a sexual partner who had strayed with the opposite gender. As for the girls, 28% of them would keep dating a boyfriend who has had a fling with another girl, while 21% would stay with a guy who has had a same-gender sex.

The research’s investigations suggest that guys are only really threatened by indiscretions that come in the way of their paternity of offspring. If to believe Jaime C. Confer, the research’s lead author, ‘The mechanism of jealousy is activated in guys and girls by various kinds of cues, those that threaten paternity in guys and those that threaten abandonment in girls.’

Guys also consider a sexual partner’s lesbian affair as a chance to mate with more than one girl simultaneously, pleasing guys’ larger desire for more sexual partners, says the author. May we add their dream to watch two girls get it on and their dream about threesomes? Oh, guys, you are so predictable. Should same-gender and opposite-gender cheating be treated equally, or is it more okay to cheat with girls? Let us know in the comments.

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