Why Are There Homosexual Guys?

Why Are There Homosexual Guys?

Why Are There Homosexual Guys?

While female sexuality is considered to be more fluid, study supposes that male homosexuality is an unalterable, inborn, strongly genetically impacted feature. But taking into account that the feature discourages the kind of sex that leads to procreation – that is, sex with girls – and would therefore seem to disrupt its own chances of being genetically passed on to the next generation, why are there homosexual guys at all?

To speak in other words, why haven’t homosexual man genes driven themselves extinct?

This lingering question is at last being responded by new and ongoing study. For a few years, researches led by Andrea Camperio Ciani (University of Padova, Italy) and others have discovered that moms and maternal aunts of homosexual guys tend to have exclusively more offspring than the maternal relatives of heterosexual guys. The results display strong support for the ‘balancing selection hypothesis,’ which is quickly becoming the accepted theory of the genetic basis of male gayness.

The theory proves that the same genetic factors that induce homosexuality in guys also promote fecundity (high reproductive success) in those men’s female maternal relatives. Through this trade-off, the maternal relatives’ ‘homosexual guy genes’ though they are not expressed as such, tend to get passed to future generation in spite of their tendency to make their male inheritors homosexual.

While nobody is aware of which genes, exactly, these might be, at least one of them is supposed to be located on the X chromosome, according to genetic modeling by Camperio Ciani and his colleagues. Men inherit only one X chromosome – the one from their mom – and in case it includes the gene that provides homosexuality in guys and fecundity in girls, he is likely to be homosexual while his mother and her female relatives are likely to have many children. In case a daughter inherits that very X-linked gene, she herself may not be homosexual, but she can pass it on to her sons.

But how might the ‘homosexual guy gene’ make girls more reproductively successful? A recent research by Camperio Ciani and his colleagues addresses the question for the first time. previously, the Italian study-goers supposed that the ‘homosexual guy gene’ might simply increase androphilia, or attraction to guys, thereby making the men who possess the gene homosexual and the girls who possess it more promiscuous. But after investigating the features of 161 female maternal relatives of gay and straight guys, the study-goers have adjusted their hypothesis. Rather than making girls more attracted to guys, the ‘homosexual guy gene’ appears to make these girls more attractive to men.

Camperio Ciani said, that high fecundity, that means having more kids, isn’t about satisfaction in sex, nor is it about promiscuity. The androphilic sample that they discovered is about girls who increase their reproductive value to attract the best men. It turns out, the mothers and aunts of homosexual men have an advantage over the mothers and aunts of heterosexual men for a few reasons: They are more fertile, showing fewer gynecological disorders or complications during pregnancy; they are more extroverted, happier, funnier and more relaxed; and they have fewer family troubles and social anxieties.

In other words, in comparison to the others, they are perfect for a guy, Camperio Ciani told. Attracting and choosing from the best guys enables these girls to produce more children, he noted. The new research will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Surely, no single factor can account for the varied array of sexual orientations that exist, in guys as well as in girls.

Gerulf Rieger, a sexual orientation researcher (Cornell University), said it’s rather possible that there are a few influences on forming a homosexual orientation. He added that environmental factors – including the range of exposure to particular hormones in the womb – also have influence upon molding male sexuality. Anyway as for why genetic factors would exist that make guys gays, it appears that these genes make girls, as well as homosexual men, alluring to other guys.

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