Jenna Haze – the dirtiest pornstar ever

Jenna Haze – the dirtiest pornstar ever

Jenna Haze – the dirtiest pornstar ever

Do you love to watch porn and spend evenings searching for something hot? Do you prefer blond or brunette chicks, European, Latina, Asian, Japanese or Ebony babes, slim or fat ones? Any of them are available for you at our site. And today we want to introduce you one hot babe who is extremely beautiful and popular among porn lovers. And have you already heard or maybe even watched movies with such porn star as Jenna Haze. If no, we are going to share with you some information about her life, career and her achievements in the sphere of porn.

Today Jenna Haze is already director and model but she started her career as pornographic actress.

When Jenna Haze  was small, her parents divorced. She has two older sisters and an older brother. Jenna has Spanish, German and Irish roots.
Up to 15 years old Jenna Haze got a very good marks at school, but then, as she says, she “discovered boys and sex” for herself. She left school and got education studying at home and working at the same time. Jenna Haze changed several low-paid jobs such as fast food manager, oil changer, merchandiser in a toy shop and being 18 years old girl she decided to try herself as a stripper. But she didn’t dance for a long time – she didn’t like to dance private dances for men and pretend that she liked them, for a relatively small salary.

At 19 years old, relaxing in one of the most popular nightclubs, the guy of the future porn star introduces her to a friend, who, in his turn, is a good friend of porn actor Peter North, as well as with an actor and director Craven Moorhead. Jenna Haze happily agrees to Moorhead’s proposal to try herself in porn, and two days later, she appeared in her first pornographic scene. Jenna Haze chose her pseudonym in honor of her boyfriend, whose surname was Hayes, as well as in honor of her favorite song of Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze”.

Jenna Haze appeared for the first time in the movie “The Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 8” with her agent Slim Shady and his friend Craven Moorhead. They planned to shoot only oral sex scene but passionate debutante Jenna decided to show what she could and had sex at once with two guys. It was her first threesome sex. And already the next day, she appeared in her second film “Joey Silvera’s Service Animals 4” acting together with Miles Long. In a few months the actress realized that she didn’t need any agents in this affair anymore and she started to represent her interests herself.
Filming in “The Taste of a Woman” Jenna Haze meets keyboardist nu metal band “Dope” Simon Doupom. They were dating for more than a month and she accompanied his group on tours.
The continuation of this article is waiting for you in our next part.

In February 2002, Jenna Haze appeared in the video for Jill Kelly Productions, directed by Jill Kelly. Jill was impressed very much by Jenna’s talents and therefore she offered her an exclusive contract, in April 2002 this contract was signed. Jenna liked not only the financial side of the contract but the fact that this company was headed by a woman, who was a current pornographic actress at that time. Jill Kelly Productions became for Jenna Haze not only work, but also the family. Soon after signing the contract Jenna began serious love affair with a cameraman and agreed for him not to appear in scenes with men. So she began to work only in lesbian scenes.

Jenna Hazeappeared in general in 120 lesbo films, such as Jenna’s Harem, Hunger Within and Jenna Haze – Stripped.
However, in April 2005, Jenna left JKP and becomes a free agent. Mainly it was connected with Jill Kelly’s departure from this company, but she also didn’t like the fact that she didn’t get enough money according to the contract from the selling of movies with her participation and sex toys registered under her name “Jenna Haze”. At the same time, Jenna Haze split up with her ​​boyfriend. And so she got an opportunity to come back to scenes with men. Her fans loved this fact very much. She admitted that it was time to make a real porn because everything that she did for JKP was “a real shit” as she said. Jenna’s first partner after three years of such “break” became black actor Mr. Marcus in the movie “Jenna Haze Darkside”. Besides it was her first time in interracial scene. Director and producer of this film was her new boyfriend – Jules Jordan.
One year later, Jenna Haze starts to give sexual pieces of advice for one porno magazine “Fox”. Also she returned to strip dancing, where she received a lot of awards.

In 2012 and in 2014, Jenna appeared in the video clips of group The Pretty Reckless for the songs “My Medicine” and “Messed Up World” (“Fucked Up World”).
Up to 2013, Jenna Haze appeared in 567 adult films and directed 15 porno clips.
She received a lot of awards. Now we introduce them to you
2003 – Best New Starlet as well as The Best Solo Scene.
2006 – Best Butt.
2007 – Best Oral Sex Scene (In the movie Jenna Haze Darkside), Best Group Sex Scene (The Challenge) and Favorite Oral Starlet.
2008 – Best Scene (in Evil Anal 2) as well as Favorite Anal Starlet.
Un 2009 Jenna became Female Performer of the Year followed by awards for Dirtiest Girl in Porn, Favorite Oral Starlet and Best American Female Performer.
In 2010 she again became Female Star of the Year, Dirtiest Girl in Porn and Favorite Anal Starlet.
In 2011 the got award for Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene in Meow!
If you have burning desire to watch these movies with such hot and dirty porn star as Jenna Haze then visit our site and have fun!

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