Why Are Lesbian And Gay People So Unhappy?

Why Are Lesbian And Gay People So Unhappy?

A new poll by The Pew Research Center discovered that lesbian and gay people reported to be less happy than the average individual in the community.

The results told that only 18% of gay men and lesbian women were happy, in comparison with 30% of heterosexual participants. Why is that so?

Relationship experts and life coaches Rick Clemons, Mary Malia, Dr. Frankie Bashan and J. Cameron Gantt were gathered by YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman to argue about the explanations of why lesbian and gay people are less happy.

This is because of discrimination that is openly accepted (I’m happy for you but…) or because you can still get fired for starting a homosexual relationship in 29 states? There are several explanations that show why this research makes perfect sense and why we, as a community, still have more work to do when the speech is about equal rights and acceptance of the LGBT society.
The bottom line is next: you aren’t able to be happy in case you are spending your life in attempt to satisfy everybody. Search for the video to understand why living an authentic and honest life is imperative but why even then, happiness is not included.

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