Masturbation Or Medication? What To Choose To Cure Depression?

Masturbation Or Medication? What To Choose To Cure Depression?

In case you are depressed, there might be other solution than antidepressants. More sexual activity and touch helps. Once we had the pleasure to make a recording for the Danish radio 24/7 along with an inspiring and cute sexologist named Lene Alexander. Lene said to us how she had come over a depression by enjoying three-hour touch and sex-sessions with herself inspired by the ‘Queen of Masturbation’ Betty Dodson. Lene had literally touched and masturbated herself for getting out of depression!

We argued how exciting it is that neuroscience has determined few ‘hormones of happiness’ in connection with sexual activity including the ‘connectedness hormone’ oxytocin and serotonin, that is used in the production of antidepressants – but nevertheless nobody actually informs about it. The questions go wild in our heads.

What if the doctor could prescribe a workshop in masturbation and long lasting orgasms instead of intake of Prozac for a year, when the dark forces of depression spread power over our lives?

What if it were more legitimate to physically stroke each other among friends, colleagues and family, without being scared of misconception that you’re flirting or sexually harassing or trying to have sex with somebody. What if we perceived masturbation and self-stroking as an integrated part of our common health?

What influence would it have on our relationships, to others and to ourselves, in case we more frequently held hands with the persons we hang out with or gave long lasting hugs instead of handshakes? And surely what impact does long making out and caressing with a sexual partner have on mental health. One thing is obvious: The more we stroke each other, the more ‘hormones of happiness’ are produced. And the more profound satisfaction that we feel – whether with ourselves or others – the more we release the same hormones, that is in antidepressant medication.

Along in 2008 33,320,000 Prozac prescriptions were spread in the United States. A medicine that is infamous for its dampering effect on the libido. Is that in fact what we want? What would you prefer: masturbation or medication? Probably it is time that we are getting ready all together to embrace sexual activity with others and ourselves, together with the human stroke, as an integral part of our health that we should give as much priority and attention as exercise, sleep and healthy diet.

Energy and eroticism merged is about applying the sexual energy that we were all born with to unfold our entire potential in work and life. The actual physical sexual act isn’t erogy – but for a reason to strengthen this huge life force that has both spiritual, mental and physical factors, sexual activity with either ourselves or/and another is the solution.

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