Public Sex: What Girls Think Of It?

Public Sex: What Girls Think Of It?

Are you ready to try sex outside the bedroom?

On my wish list is sex in public.

I have tried to pull it off, but it’s a tricky situation, and does need more effort than sometimes you even wish to put into intercourse. While the idea of having sex on a beach is wonderful in the films, but in the reality, does it ever go well? We asked several girls their points of view on the theme. Should we keep it in the films or make this something we do every time to spice things up in our sex lives?

Being there, doing it

Jenny, 25, says ‘meh’. She did it in college a few times with her boyfriend in the lower quad of campus, but taking into attention her fear of being caught, it was hardly exciting.

Colleen, 30, reports she has done it, but she did it in her freshly out of a relationship from her first boyfriend ever so let’s fuck anything that moves period, and her ‘fuck it why not’ hormones were raging, if they exist. Now she feels like that’s something she would never do while she has restraint and her bed is way more comfortable than the staircase at her college after late class.

Elizabeth, 29, confesses she had public sex once. Outside in an alley, Barcelona. She can definitely curse movies for making sex in public look hot. And her sexual partner was so hot, so how could it not be amazing? Nevertheless, it is just awkward and not something she would try again.

There is a reason for calling it ‘going to bed’ you boys

Becky, 29, says for her it matters how ‘public’ we’re talking. Really crowded places aren’t attractive for her (the excitement other people get at being caught just makes Becky feel tense, which makes for not fun sex). Nevertheless, she has done it in a public park, (particularly if not during busy hours), family style single bathroom, and considered (though didn’t in fact get a chance to) in the back of a moving auto. It does seem though, the older she gets, the more ‘in bedroom’ sounds the best, most comfortable variant.

Lindsay, 35, says sand in her pussy, rocks in her back or at home in bed or on the couch? She really thinks there is nothing to choose from.

Let’s keep it in the films

Autumn refuses to have sex in public as she is a private person. But she does like to hear other people’s stories. Sarah, 33, thinks public sex is hot in theory, but is usually awkward when trying.

Well, the jury still seems to be out on the theme, but as Autumn says, it does make for exciting stories, if you aren’t on the listening end of that time your mate was caught by an old couple while trying to have sex in Central Park. Yes, that’s a real story we heard, and we swear we weren’t the people who were trying to do it.

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