Redhead Means Sexy?

Redhead Means Sexy?

When a guy sees a redhead girl his first thing is to have sex with her.

And it’s not because he is always ready and wants some fun. The matter is that exactly red hair color is associated with passion among men. Thus redheads attract their attention more than other girls while they are considered to be chicks that won’t let you get bored in bed.

So is it truth or not? It turns out that men are very close to the truth. The scientists provided a research the results of which say that exactly girls with red hair are the most sexually attractive. They have much more sexual partners during life than brunettes or even blondes. Moreover, the frequency of their sexual contacts is much higher than average.

The most interesting fact is that the results of the research consider not only natural redheads but also those girls who dyed their hair and became red. Dying hair in red color means that a woman is ready for a new relationship and is free in her mind. By the way, if a married woman or a girl in a long relationship dyes her hair in a red color it means she isn’t satisfied with her sexual life and her partner should think over it.

Anyway, skeptic people used to say a hair color doesn’t influence female behavior. And guys’ strong reaction connected with redheads can be explained by the fact that exactly girls with a red hair are supposed to be named the hottest and sexiest. In its turn there is still a rhetorical question whether or not red color is sexy. There is no one who can answer that question for sure. Thus pay more attention to your girlfriends and relationships you have. And it doesn’t matter if they are redheads or not.

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