Top Places For Meeting Gay & Lesbians Singles

Top Places For Meeting Gay & Lesbians Singles

Top Places For Meeting Gay & Lesbians Singles

In case you are tired of online dating, you can try something new!

Where is it possible to find single gays? Single lesbian girls?

Transsexual mates? Where to look for bisexuals?

If you are with Internet connection, you are looking for and checking out all the dating sites? If you have no access to Internet, then go to the library and use their machines. Do you have a smartphone and a data plan? Thinks of yourself as hooked up.

First of all, let’s just get dating sites out of the way. There is one for everybody. A lot of people focus on our LGBT desires, needs and fetishes consisting of bears, transgender guys, butches, tops, femmes, bottoms and everybody else in-between. But the entire dating site scene is getting old. It isn’t always fun and productive, though it’s interesting to find that bottom guy in Alaska online, that’s a hook-up that will not happen if you live in Miami.

Belonging to LGBT means being extra special and extra difficult to find, but only because you are stuck in a place about where to find gays, lesbians, bisexual or transsexual people. So, let’s open up a several more doors, move beyond your local Starbucks, explore some options for creating a treasure map for where LGBT persons hang out and where you can look for acquaintances.

Local lecture series

LGBT people are smart and love to learn and hang out with other smart individuals. So start checking out your local university and its lecture series. Don’t you see the gays hanging out there? Don’t miss what’s happening for 2014 in your city and town for lecture series. Libraries also do those series as much as museums, aquariums, historic sites, groups and activists of all types. Well, you will meet lots of heterosexual mates too, but lots of them know LGBT people nowadays.

San Diego State University and The University of Maryland both provide annual LGBT lecture series and there are a lot more colleges that do that. And beyond hanging out with an exclusively LGBT people, what else do you like to learn about this year? Check out what is available and get on it right now.


It can be a fundraiser to fight cancer that lots of lesbians love to support or what about LGBT civil rights events. There is ArtErotica that is put on by the Octopus Club in Austin (Texas) for raising cash to provide emergency financial help to those who live with HIV and AIDS. Now this is just one of the whole numbers of events that this group does annually. ArtErotica has been one of the most unique art events in Austin for the last 20 years.

So no matter if it is your local HRC chapter, the HIV or AIDS group or your state’s gay marriage effort you will discover LGBT community all over the place at these events. And don’t forget about other nonprofit events our LGBT people are fond of like symphony, theatre, the local museum and animal shelters.

Wine tastings and cooking classes

We all need to eat. And it’s really great to be somebody who puts out a meal that has your mates begging for more. A lot of LGBT people like cooking classes. One of the favorites was at the Whole Foods Headquarters in Austin (Texas). It was a dinner and wine tasting event. It’s a perfect place for meeting single lesbians. No Whole Foods cooking classes in your city? Then start looking around for other cooking classes and special food events.

Local community classes

This can be the very place for getting acquainted with LGBT mates. Remember they are smart and love learning? Community Education classes start with health and fitness events to car repair, electricity and plumbing. A few lesbians will attend those classes for sure after the buy a car or a house. If you have some special skill or talent, it can be a place for you to offer to lead a class. We know a few persons doing it and it can be a great chance to meet other LGBT people.

Conferences and travel events

Haven’t you thought about it? Remember LGBT community travels like Olivia Cruises is celebrating 40 years as the lesbian destination for vacation and travel joy. Sweet, eco-travel company, is new to the ranks for lesbian women but it’s a nice concept to have a vacation with a crowd of lesbians and also making a difference for the environment, kids or animals in a society you are visiting.

There is a large LGBT community focused business called R Family Vacations that caters to LGBT communities and single people with children. And right, LGBT travel events are perfect for meeting other single parents. We all want our children to be in environment that is affirming and positive for them.

There is a special summer event called Camp. It’s summer camp for LGBT people. The summer camp you dreamt about as a child is here for you as an adult. What about conferences? If you are into them, there is perhaps a conference with your special LGBT interest out there. Here is the list of few of them:

1. Transcending Boundaries Conference for transsexual people. There is a Facebook page also.
2. Our True Colors is a nice group for supporting sexual minority youth and their parents. Every year in March there is an annual conference with upwards of 4 thousand youth in attendance.
3. The Femme Conference brings together lots of local and national femme-identified LGBTQ persons and their allies to this intersectional forum.
4. The Southern Comfort Conference is the biggest transsexual educational, social and entertainment conference in the world.
5. Bear Pride Sleep Over Event takes place in May.
6. The BECAUSE Conference is an important weekend with queers, bisexuals, transsexuals, questioning and all others in the attendance.


That means and lots of others. This is one of LGBT favorite resources for looking for dates, community and just something to do where you live. Looking for a group is just a Google search away. You can type ‘transsexual meetup groups’ and there will be 3 million hits. Okay, maybe there aren’t 3 million meetup groups for transsexual people out there, but it means that from Florida to Canada, Australia to Texas you are out there and connections may be found.
What is so special about Well a lot of the groups are completely free to join. Well-run group got multiple event planners and organizers with many things going on, making it easy to meet LGBT people and it’s a very safe way to connect.


You can say it’s obvious and boring. You are right. But did you look deeper? Persons connect on Facebook, and then in case you are close enough you can bring that connection off-line for making it in reality. There millions of people are on Facebook which means a lot of LGBT individuals are also spending their free time on Facebook just like you. The average individual spends a couple of hours per day there and the amount of LGBT groups or pages is increasing every day.

Here is the list of pages to check out:
1. Transgender Support. It has 23K plus likes. Why aren’t you already there?
2. For Colored Queers is a new one, but it has got a unique message and focus.

High school and college reunions

It’s a really interesting way to make acquaintances with everybody that’s come out since you graduated. There is a chance that at your last high school reunion, there will be girls who’d come out in just the last couple of years. Plus you may find out that more than a half of the girls who you played field hockey with are lesbian.

For lots of LGBT people, reunions don’t bring up warm feelings. They couldn’t wait to get out of high school and never come back. It doesn’t mean you have to come back, but between high school and college class reunions persons make lots of changes in their life direction including sexual orientation. Just think about it.

The age that people are coming out gets younger and partially because the youth nowadays has access to so much more information in the Internet. They are just lucky little weirdoes. There are also more and more people in their 40s, 50s and beyond coming out. They are going to those reunions and you must too.


Political and activist organizations and events, animal shelters and whatever else can give you a hint. There is the local theatre group, the LGBT community center, the lesbian or gay chorus in your city, the Anti-Hate Program, Speak Out, anti-bullying projects and lots of other variations on this topic.

You don’t need to sing or act, you can purchase a ticket and get your chance to hang out with local weirdoes. You don’t need to be into public speaking to show up and support others who are out there teaching the people about belonging to LGBT. There are always things behind the scenes that need to happen and every show requires a friendly public.

And remember about one of the easiest ways to get acquainted with your LGBT people is to volunteer for your local pride events. In case you’re really wish to kick it up a notch, get involved in pride events in a several other communities in your city or town. Pride events are increasing and appearing in more and more places and being spaced out across many months. Get off the armchair and get out there. Don’t let 2014 go by and not get involved. There are lots of lesbians and gays who take part in pride.

Local gay-friendly church

If you’re a faithful person and take part in a structured spiritual society feeds your sense of wellbeing then probably there is an LGBT friendly church in your society. And thank Google for giving you some resources. Gay-friendly churches have about 7 thousand entries worldwide of churches that are gay welcoming along with an amount of other spiritually based resources and links.

LGBT people are out there, all over the place but you’ve got to get out of the house! Not all of these tips should be a surprise, but every day there are people who have never thought of looking through the Internet to get their need to for community met. There is a lot of information and it’s easy to find it no matter if you use Google, Yahoo or Bing. Be smart and use all resources for finding out where the LGBT single people are hanging out. There is only one excuse for not getting acquainted with more LGBT persons and that’s because you keep sitting on the couch. So get up, get out and get going. You can!

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