Top Spots For Having Office Sex

Top Spots For Having Office Sex

Are you looking for a day pleasure?

A new research exposes the most desirable locations for having sex at work.

One of my lifetime dreams, except having sex in a cab, which I will probably never try, is having sex in the office. But since I work at home, I don’t think I’ll ever get to do that one either. There is just something exciting about the idea of it: the sexual tension between you and your co-worker, and when you go into the conference room, just the two of you, you passionately make out like those couples in movies. Before you realize it, papers and pencils are scattered across the floor and you’re having sex on the table. Amazing!

In case you have found yourself dreaming about getting it on at work, you aren’t the first, nor will you be the last while you’re in the majority. The research shows that 56% of girls and 61% of guys have sexual fantasies about co-workers, and have flirted with the idea of having sex in the office. It’s sad, of those day-dreaming about it, just 21% of girls report they would in fact do it, in comparison with 52% of men who are all gung-ho about office sex. Come on, girls! Don’t you suppose it would be exciting to be pinned against the fax machine for some day pleasure?

Despite the myths about the photocopier being the place where people what to get down and filthy (and take a picture of their butt during the process), the number one in-office place where people would have intercourse, for guys at least, is in the storage room. Well sure; it has lock, or at least it should for such a case.

On the other hand, girls seem to prefer the privacy that comes with getting busty in the conference room, followed by their office, also the elevator, while only 1% of girls have really done it there. Nevertheless, the elevator can be rather tricky in case you aren’t working in a high-rise. Can anybody have sex between the lobby and the 5th floor? In case you can, then I commend you or feel not good that you are such a quick lay.

The least desirable place for both girls and guys to have intercourse in the office are the smoking and kitchen area. Good thing! Who wants to mosey over to get their soggy tuna sandwich and find Rita from accounting having sex with John from human resources? Nobody.

If there is a place in the world, there is also a nice chance that somebody has either had intercourse there, or at least wishes at some point. I think it’s true for even things like dog houses, the Oval House and glaciers, you know, all the weirdest places in the world. But at least having sex at work gives new understanding to the term a ‘hard working day’, and giving new understanding to things is always a blast.

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