Top Things Guys Want Girls To Do In Bed

Top Things Guys Want Girls To Do In Bed

Top Things Guys Want Girls To Do In Bed

Contrary to popular thought, men aren’t pleased with just getting laid. They need it to be exciting and good too. We know – so demanding.

But we aim to satisfy and with that in mind, we convinced a couple of men we know to confess what they actually want girls did more of in the sack.

Tell a guy what to do

This was the most widespread request from the men we spoke with – they require a bit of instruction. Male parts are different from female parts and sometimes they need to hear what you want them to do. One guy said, ‘Much of the time, body and mind reading is the only way to understand what a girl wants.’ ‘That’s an art that young guys like me are working on but won’t be able to improve without some instruction or just lost of trial and error.’ Likewise, another guy said, ‘Every girl is a bit different about what they like, how they like it, and at what frequency and pressure. It’s okay to just cry ‘Hey! Put your tongue here!’ It’s helpful for everybody.’

Leave a little hair

For now, Brazil has won the public battle, but there are men who don’t want going bare to win the war. One guy said there are too many girls who are too bald. ‘There are many men who like the ‘70s porn star appearance. Hell, I’ll take a ‘70s porn star (who in fact looks like a real woman) over a modern porn star (who looks like a plastic Barbie doll) any day.’ Just a moment, we need to replace our waxer’s number in our phones with this guy’s digits. No seriously, while you should groom however you darn well like, think over this further reason to eschew permanent laser hair removal at least.

Open your mouth and say it loud

While you are saying to your sexual partner what you want him to do and how you want him to do it, get a little filthy with your words. One man shared he loves it when girls use any combination of the words ‘cock, pussy, come, wet and all over.’ Any combination? What about this one: ‘Let your cock come all over my wet pussy’? Well, great, unless he would think it sounds funny.


I would explain this thought in details, by my mouth is full.


Well, we can admit it. There are girls who like watching a man jerking off, but sometimes they are shy about it. Likewise, women can be bashful about touching themselves in front of their sexual partners – don’t be. Guys do like to watch. Rubbing one out for his viewing satisfaction also gives him visual stimulation and instruction to go along with the verbal mentioned in the first point.

Touch him everywhere else too

A male coworker said he would seriously love the occasional back rubbing or any other massage. Okay, your sexual partner penis is his number one erogenous zone. But don’t forget about his less sensitive body parts – a back rub displays you care about him, not just getting him off.

Be open-minded

One man shared: ‘Humor us when we wish to try something new you think is weird or different.’ ‘Don’t immediately refuse and dismiss it. We are guys, we are curious and chances are we’ll try it once and lose interest anyway.’ It doesn’t mean you should give up anal sex in case you completely hate it, but if he’s curious about playing with handcuffs or role-playing, for instance, don’t automatically deny the idea as him being a pervert.

Don’t hold back

With the exception of being on top, the majority of standard sex positions put the guy in the driver’s seat, in that they are doing all the thrusting – but that isn’t an excuse for just lying there. ‘In case you wish to be on top, be there,’ said Paul. ‘If you want it to be harder, get hard with us. We don’t mind doing the work, but we don’t wish to be the only ones who put in the effort.’

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