The Whole Truth About Male Orgasm

The Whole Truth About Male Orgasm

Have you ever wondered what a male orgasm feels like?

Four guys tell us girls what it is like to get off. So what does a male orgasm feel like? Are orgasms different drastically between the genders? On our search to find out what exactly goes on in a guys’ mind and body during sex, we first examined what we already know about it:

To begin with, the male orgasm is much shorter, more intense and can, usually, only be felt once during a single sex activity. On the flipside, girls, if properly stimulated, can release a series of orgasms with little recovery period. Secondly, the male orgasm released a rush of drowsy hormones – serotonin, vasopressin, norepinephrine, oxytocin, nictric oxide and the hormone prolactin – making it next to impossible for guy not to experience sleepy after sex.

But what actually does a male orgasm feels like, we wonder. To figure out, we questioned several bonafide, persons with dicks if they could give explanations to coveted five seconds of orgasmic pleasure. What have we found out? The question was downright difficult. Questioning guys to explain the male orgasm was sharp to having them describe the color orange. Regardless, we were able to cull several truths.

After the brain shuts off, a moment of clarity appears

Andrew, 30, a computer programmer told that during sex he is like in trance, in state of a robot. While he is physically in, his mind goes away into deep filthy forests, that if asked about, are just as ephemeral and difficult to explain as the orgasm itself, but after he comes? ‘Everything has sense for a moment. Like I see things clearly for the first time. That means to me the most significant thing about orgasm, the moments afterward.’

Feeling the energy passing away

Adam, 27, a set designer confesses his orgasms are varying depending on whether he is having sex or masturbating. The result of masturbation is in an orgasm out of necessity, whereas when he is having sex with a girl he explains it as almost spiritual. He said he feels like he’s passing the core of his soul to somebody. When we thought he wasn’t able to be serious, he concluded, ‘not to be cheesy, but it feels like sharing your energy with someone else. Being so close to somebody during a very exciting moment.’

The intensity is upon on how long he holds out

Paul, 23, an actor, says his most intense and shattering orgasm happens after he has achieved the edge and held out several times. ‘There is a difference between just loosing yourself when you feel the first need and challenging yourself to hold out. I am a million times more exhausted after I’ve stopped and continued.’

Girls’ are really longer and perhaps better

Wes, 26, an advertising copywriter, speaks about the already known fact that the male orgasm is much shorter than a female’s. It also doesn’t seem to be rather as euphoric. ‘My girlfriend seems to feel her orgasm for a longer time. Our orgasms aren’t like that. We have a very strong 3-5 second splash, if that, and then our whole body become numb. It feels great, but I get the feeling her orgasm is better. ’

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