Anal Fuck For Best Girlfriend’s Friend

Anal Fuck For Best Girlfriend’s Friend

Anal Fuck For Best Girlfriend’s Friend

It’s not that often when a guy’s girlfriend takes off and rents her flat to a friend but this is what happened to Jake Morrison. He had a big quarrel with Amelia and although he’d been trying to reach her on the phone for several days, hoping to patch things up, she never picked up his calls. Despite the fact Jake was working day and night on a rather important project he decided to go to San Diego to talk to Amelia face to face. As his current job was up state it was quite late when he got the apartment building.

Jake let himself in as he had a key and tiptoed to the bedroom. His girlfriend had to be asleep and so he just took off his clothes and crept in beside her. He slipped his arm around and touched one of her boobs. Even though he fondled it a bit she didn’t wake up and so they lay together like that all night. Jake dreamt that when she woke up in the morning they would fall into each other’s hugs and everything would be okay again. Nevertheless, he was awakened by a familiar voice pronouncing, ‘What the hell are you doing in here?!’

It was Marika, best Amalia’s friend, who was also nude and shocked. Jake asked her where Amelia was, looking around as if she might appear out of the closet at any moment. Marika responses she was in Atlanta with her mom. ‘When will she come back?’ Jake asked her again, trying not to look at her boobs that were showing of the bed cover she was holding up. ‘She said she would never come back. Didn’t Amelia tell you?’ ‘No, she never answered my calls.’

Marika said Amelia left yesterday, she phoned her and asked her if she wanted to rent the apartment because she was living with her mom and she was driving her fucking crazy. Marika didn’t know that Jake was thrown in with the rent. Jake explained her he had his own place but he did stay here most week-ends. ‘Is that what the row was about? You aren’t wanting to commit?’ ‘Kind of.’ ‘Amelia was good enough to have sex with but not good enough to commit too?’ ‘Crap! I know it sounds lame but I’m rather sure if she is the one. Sexually we don’t seem all that comparable but I care for her.’

‘Oh, it gets quite interesting – what did you want to do – stick it up her butt or something?’ ‘I just wanted it more often than she was eager to do it, and I would have liked her to be a little more enthusiastic when we were having sex.’ At this point Marika asked Jake to show her how he would go about it. He was confused with her words and asked her what she meant. ‘Let’s say you want to fuck me – how would you get me turned on?’ ‘I think I would kiss you first.’ Marika pouted out her lips as if she was 4-year-old, ‘Go ahead and kiss me.’

She was really pretty girl but she was kind of a friend and Jake was a bit shy about kissing her there and then, particular as she was nude. Despite his reservations he leaned forward and kissed her. It felt so good Jake actually slipped his arm around her and crushed his lips harder against hers. Marika answered by shoving her tongue in his mouth. Things started to get hotter as Marika put her arms around Jake’s neck and the covers fell off of her body. Now his chest was pressing against her nice naked boobs and it seemed there no turning back. Next his hands started to fondle her and then he bent his head and licked her nipples. They were big and erect and felt amazing between his lips.

Marika, who would only ever been a casual acquaintance, now seemed to be getting pleasure of every moment of this little affair and as he sucked her boobs her hand went under the cover and touched his penis. At this point Jake lost his control. Marika moved his foreskin up and down and his cock was so erect and throbbing he thought it might burst. Before Jake could make any more moves on her, she whipped all the covers off the bed and wrapped her mouth around his dick, sliding it in so far he thought she would gag. Jake took a big deep breath as she drew his cock out and then dived all over again.

When Marika stopped for a second he impatiently moved his butt up and down as if stuffing her mouth and that prompted her to start sucking him dry. That was a wow blowjob! As she furiously drove his penis into her mouth she actually stuck one finger up his butt and moved it around. He had never had a prostate exam before while having sex but it didn’t feel half bad. And it didn’t feel half bad when she let him cum in her mouth eating every drop off the rim before sitting up and smiling.

‘How was that?’ Marika asked. ‘Wonderful!’ ‘Well now is your turn to impress me’ she said and took a bottle of baby oil for lubricating his cock that soon began to regain its hardness. ‘Now I want you to fuck me up my ass’ Marika said, quickly getting up and planting her hands on the table with her rear end raised up for penetration. Jake mumbled that he had never had anal sex before. He was uncertain of how it was going to work out. ‘Neither have I – so it will be an experience for both of us.’ He climbed from the bed and first just hugged her from behind fondling her boobs that hung like melons. Then taking careful goal he shoved his cock into her butt. Even with all the lubrication it was tight and she screamed a little as it went further and further in.

With Jake’s arms still wrapped around Marika her holding onto her gorgeous boobs he started to thrust it in and out. ‘Oh my god that feels amazing,’ she whispered. Being so tight around the end of his penis it didn’t take long before he came into her ass. Although Marika enjoyed his thighs beating against her butt chicks – she didn’t reach an orgasm. To rescue the situation Jake grabbed hold of her, threw her on the bed and dived his face between her legs. As soon as his tongue started to lick the folds of her twat she began to moan loudly. Her pussy was wet and warm and it tasted great.

Jake pulled her lips gently apart and licked up one side after another. ‘Oh fuck!’ Marika screamed as he moved up and down her cunt with a steady rhythm, ‘Holly fuck.’ It didn’t take long before her body started to shake and she jerked upwards as she reached a massive orgasm. Afterwards she just clung onto Jake kissing his neck, lips and shoulders. They both seemed in a condition of bliss – that was until they heard a noise outside and suddenly the door opened and there was Amelia. ‘Oh, Jake, you are here!’ she shouted rushing over to him, ‘I’ve been trying to reach you all morning but your phone was turned off, I’m sorry about what I told you – I want things to be as they…’ her voice trailed off as Amelia stood back and took a glance. ‘What the fuck are you two doing being naked???’

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    If she was my best girlfriend, I’d kill her right there! lol

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