Becoming A Training Model For Sex Class

Becoming A Training Model For Sex Class
Sex Class

Becoming A Training Model For Sex Class

Jeff Friesen had no job so when his uncle, who was going into hospital for his knee operation, asked him to work for him for several weeks he was excited. Though it was a janitor’s job at a small private progressive female college, every one of the students was over the age of consent. Compared to his uncle Otto, Jeff was really handsome and attracted lots of attention on his first day. The job itself was too boring for somebody who was a graphic designer but he had to pay his bills and so he did his best. Nevertheless, when a chance came up for a bit extra money Jeff agreed – even before he knew what it was about.

It happened so that the school was a bit more progressive that he thought and Ms. Justina Petersen, the teacher in charge of health education, offered him something he wasn’t ready for. She said she was looking for a fit, handsome young guy like him to be a kind of a training model for her sex class.

“Sex class??” “Yes, although the majority of my students have had more cocks than a secondhand dartboard some are still are a little naïve and it’s my job to be sure they all go out in the world with a healthy respect for sex,” she explained.

Jeff asked what did he had to do. “Well mostly you just stand there nude and I point out and show things using your body,” Ms. Petersen said and added that he would be doing her a great favor.

Justina was a really pretty woman, perhaps in her late twenties with a fair set of boobs and long awesome legs. Jeff absolutely wouldn’t have minded showing his sexual skills with her in private but he was a little freaked out of what was expected of him in public. “You’ll stand on a little plinth,” Justina said. “Nude,” Jeff added. “Yes and as I speak about the dick, the scrotum and other things belonged to sexuality, I point them out with my finger.” “Your finger?” “Yes it’s much safer than a wooden pointer, I’m experienced in things like that.” When it got down to discussing the remuneration Jeff got much more enthused – it was rather generous and so despite still having some hesitation he agreed to take part in it.

The following Wednesday Jeff reported to Justina’s room and discovered over 15 girls aging from 18 to 25 sitting there waiting in eager anticipation for the lesson to begin. Ms. Petersen said him to go behind a screen and get naked, although Jeff thought the screen was a little redundant as they would all be viewing his nude butt and dangly bits very soon. When Justina called Jeff to come out from behind the screen he was too nervous. Much to the amusement of the girls he emerged with his hands covering his balls and in a slightly stooped position. There was a giggling at first and then when Justina came over to him, removed his hands and made him stand up straight, there were shouts of “Wow” and “Oh my god!”

Jeff worked out quite a bit so his body was toned and his cock, although looking a bit shy in the face of the audience, it did demonstrate enormous promise. Ms. Petersen said she wanted girls to take this class seriously as all of them would have to face up to sexual relationships at some point in their lives. She paused and winked, “In case you haven’t already done so, and now I’m going to explain how you can make those relationships stronger.” “Will we all fuck the model?” asked a cheeky redhead girl at the back. “Now behave – I’ve promised Jeff that there will be no harm for him,” Justina smiled giving his ass a little pat before continuing her lesson.

She started with describing the male anatomy and everything was okay until she began to finger his balls and lift up his cock. His face turned red and Jeff wasn’t able to control his reaction the ladies cheered when his dick rapidly grew and appeared to be hard. “Now girls you can see that the dick reacts to the slightest stimulation so you mustn’t be rude with it. You’ll notice that Mr. Friesen isn’t cut, a practice that is in rapid decline, and although the skin draws back as the cock gets bigger you can help it to do so like this.” As Jeff closed his eyes and was going to die from embarrassment, Justina took her thumb and forefinger and gently pulled back the skin.

“It seems you’ve done that before Miss Petersen,” said the redhead, again to laughter and applause from the class. But she ignored them and kept explaining how to give a handjob. Fondling Jeff’s balls she worked his penis up and down which made him take short sharp breaths which some girls imitated. She just did it for a short period of time and then she went on to explaining how to give a blowjob. Justina asked if anybody here ever given a guy a blowjob and looked around. Sure the redhead had. “Well come here and show us a short demonstration.”
Mr. Friesen would be happy to dash out of the room but that would be the end of his job while he wouldn’t be able to face any of the students again. That’s why he stood quite still despite the fact he was trembling. The cheeky redhead took off the glasses and came up with a bit of smirk on her face. She first cupped one hand around Jeff’s balls and grabbed his cock with the other one and then she simple engorged it in her mouth. After several strokes Justina stopped the girl and Jeff gave a big frustrated sigh. “Siena, don’t go at it like a bull at a gate, start off gently. Let me demonstrate to you.”

Ms. Petersen kneeled in front of Jeff and just put the end of her tongue into Pete’s Eye and teased it a little bit. Jeff was about to wobble and had to fight to keep his balance. Justina then picked it up and started licking it from his balls to the tip before getting it into her mouth. After several sucks she stopped leaving Jeff as frustrated as hell. “Now would anybody else like to show their skills?”

A gorgeous woman, a bit more mature than the other girls came forward. She had a low cut top and so Jeff could observe her nice boobs as she went to her knees. When her plump sensuous lips started to nibble the end of his throbbing dick he was eager to get the real blowjob. Eventually he got it. It was as though that woman had swallowed it right to the hilt. And then she began to work it as though she was really savoring the experience, which prompted the other girls to chant, “Make him cum! Make him cum!”

Justina, who seemed to be enjoying it as much as anybody else, told Jeff to let his sucker know when he was cumming and it didn’t take long for that to happen. To the cheers of the audience he came all over the woman’s face and she was giggling and offering a taste to anybody who wanted one. As Mr. Friesen stood their panting with his knob still dripping Justina asked how many of the chicks were wet. They all stuck their finger up their skirts for a fast test and the result was incredible.

“Okay, let’s masturbate all together,” Ms. Petersen said sitting down on a chair next to Jeff and starting to finger herself. The entire class was masturbating. Jeff got very aroused by the sounds of their pussies and cries as they came one after another and he really needed to cum again himself. After the class was dismissed Justina closed the door and turned to Jeff. “I think you’d like to get rid of that before you go back to your job wouldn’t you?” “Of course, I would.” As Jeff answered Justina was tearing off her clothes and she flung herself onto a small rug next to the desk.

Jeff didn’t poke her right away he kneeled himself on the top of her and sucked her boobs. Ms. Petersen liked it as he went from nipple to nipple, licking and sucking and touching. He then licked a trail right down to her twat, parted the lips with his fingers and stuck his tongue in as far as he could. She was moaning and shouting as he flicked the lips of her cunt as if his tongue was a hummingbird’s wing. Justina started to shake with her ass gyrating all over the place as she had a strong orgasm. Jeff didn’t give the shaking a chance to stop he simply shoved his cock into her pussy. Justina gasped as she felt the width and the length of it and even more when he began to thrust it in furiously.

“Oh my God!” she shouted loud, “Oh my God!” Jeff was so eager to cum and he kept drilling it hard and fast until he could feel his jizz racing up his tubes and shooting deep inside of her. Justina shouted out, “O fuck!” as he made that last thrust, and shaking uncontrollably she held on to him tight as it kept oozing from her pussy. When everything was over they were both dressed Ms. Petersen paid him for his job and asked him he could be there the next Wednesday. Jeff left her in no doubt that he was ready to help further the aims of higher education. Mr. Friesen began looking forward to those Wednesdays as well as helping some of the chicks out with their homework.

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