Cody Gets Sex Premonition

Cody Gets Sex Premonition

Cody Gets Sex Premonition

Cody MacOda was Irish, although he had lived in the USA since he was 8. He was a typical 20-year-old American except for the fact Cody was a bit timid, resulting maybe from a strict Catholic upbringing. His college was Catholic too, his parents had chosen that for Cody, and his girlfriend was Catholic, as they had chosen her too.

Despite some restriction during his puberty period he had a happy childhood; he was an average schoolboy, enjoyed books and liked to browse the Net for sites that he knew his parents wouldn’t approve of. Nevertheless, his life was going to change towards the end of 2013. Cody MacOda began to have premonitions. The first one was the plane crash from Russia, he was sitting on the side of his bed when he saw it as clear as a day.

Cody didn’t think much of it until he saw the newspapers. He thought that it was just some kind of weird coincidence and forgot about it until he saw another picture of a shopping center collapsing, which several days later proved to be the one in Latvia. Much to his consternation the flashes came again, they didn’t all appear on the news but Cody had a feeling they would. Sometimes he tried to block them but he wasn’t able to do it – and then he got a picture that he didn’t want to block.

Tracie Burns, a girl from his class that wouldn’t give him the time of day, offered him sex.

Yes – she wanted to have sex with Cody. He started to think that maybe these premonitions were simply mad thoughts with no validity at all. There was no way that Tracie wanted to have sex with him – or at least he thought. Moreover Cody was a little of a geek. He wore thick rimmed glasses, had a few pimples and his body was pitiful comparing to that of her boyfriend’s Roddy Kamper.
The very same morning when MacOda got the flash Tracie stopped him in the hallway and asked if he would come over to her apartment that evening and help her with her computer. Cody couldn’t even respond her for several seconds but when he did manage to say, “Of course,” Tracie gave him the address of her place on the other side of town. As she was walking away she added, “Don’t eat anything, I’ll cook us a dinner.” Everything sounded so romantic and he was hoping he wasn’t going to see a flash of Roddy Kamper kicking his ass.

When Cody finally found her apartment he nervously knocked on the door. Tracie opened it wearing a see through blouse and a skirt that was so short it almost looked like a belt. She invited him inside saying, “Make yourself comfortable, dinner will be ready in just several minutes.” Before they sat down Tracie asked if Cody would mind if she switched on a camera that was mounted on a tripod nearby. “I just want to remember our first mutual dinner,” she added.

Cody agreed but he had a feeling something awful was going to happen. It occurred to him that might be a big joke, something to laugh at him, maybe the video would end up on every cell phone in the college. Nevertheless, when Cody looked at those boobs showing through her blouse he decided to live for the moment. All through the dinner Tracie seemed to be fishing for compliments from his side. And Cody told her the dinner was tasty, her place was nicely decorated and that she looked amazing in her outfit. After they have eaten their desert and were just drinking their wine she invited him to look at her bedroom. At this point he started to shake a bit.

“What if Roddy and his beefy friends are waiting in there,” Cody thought, “And she is just laughing at me.” However when he entered the bedroom all he found was a very sexy looking bed with a few candles burning on the table beside it and what looked like a little camera mounted on the bedhead. “You must try this bed,” Tracie said, “It’s amazing, I’ve had some great sex in it.” Cody wasn’t able to say anything. He would have really welcomed a premonition at that time so he could know the outcome of this evening before he went any further but that wasn’t to be.

“How often do you have sex?” Tracie asked in a sultry voice. “Not very frequently,” murmured Cody. “But you enjoy doing it, don’t you?” He nodded silently. “Well, why don’t you have sex with me? I am so horny!” She sat up zipped off her top and flung herself once more across the bed bouncing up and down. Cody thought her boobs would never stop jiggling but they did when Tracie started to fondle them. “Kiss these for me please,” she whispered. Cody couldn’t hold back any longer, he leaped onto the bed took her boobs into his mouth and began to suck like he’d never sucked before. Tracie started to moan. The more she moaned the harder he sucked, and the harder Cody sucked the more Tracie moaned.

While he was sucking those nice boobs she began to wriggle out of her skirt and panties. Cody looked down and there was the most fuckable pussy he had ever seen. It was shaved and located between two perfect hips. He moved his hand slowly down her belly and very gently touched her cunt. Tracie jumped, then grabbing his finger she pointed at her moist, warm pussy. As Cody moved it around gently she began to arch her back and writhe around a bit. Tracie gasped when he put the second finger in and writhed again. Those pink lips felt so great he just kept on playing with them until she gripped hold of his head and began to move her body all over the bed. Then Tracie lay back gasping and told him that he was amazing.

It was the first time that anybody had ever complimented him in that way, Cody found it very exciting. Then he started taking off his clothes and Tracie sat up on the bed and watched him. She knew his body was nothing to be proud of but at least she liked the look of his cock and to show him how she appreciated it she took it with her plump lips and absorbed the full length in her throat. Cody lay precariously over the edge of the bed entirely surprised with her holding onto his legs to preventing from falling on the floor. This sex position stretched his cock in such a way as to make it twice as sensitive. It was so good he was half hoping that Tracie would make him cum in her mouth but she didn’t, instead she grabbed his arms pulled him full onto the bed and said, “I want you to have sex with me Cody, I want you to shove your cock in as far as you can and fuck me hard, very hard.”

He required no second invitation; Cody grabbed her arms, forced her back onto the pillow and penetrated her pussy with one great thrust. Tracie gasped and began to move her ass around, which prompted Cody to pump it into her at a mile a minute. It didn’t take long for Cody to cum which disappointed him but Tracie seemed rather satisfied, except for the fact that she shouted with joy again. They lay for some time, Cody just ran his hand up and down her body and Tracie fondled his balls with her gentle fingers until he was up and ready to repeat. He must have had sex with her like four times that night and once when they woke up in the morning. But he still couldn’t understand why this girl who looked like a top model would want him of all guys to have sex with her.

He understood that after breakfast. “I invited you here with a purpose,” Tracie began, “I am not sure if you know but my boyfriend Roddy, well, ex-boyfriend, has dumped me for Keisha Dinsmore, I thought I’d show him that I can have sex around too – that’s why I taped our meeting,” she said, pointing to the cameras. “But why did you choose me among all of the guys on our course?” “Because they’ve all got girlfriends, some of them are even married.” “So you took me as the last resort?” Cody asked angrily. “Yes,” she said feeling ashamed, “But now I know I made the right choice you do really fuck good and I think some of my girlfriends will be jealous when they see you having sex.”

“Are you serious?” Cody yelled, “Are you going to show it to your girlfriends?” He was about to insist that she wiped the camera’s clean while he watched but then he had a premonition. Cody saw a flash of one of her friends, Sandy Ericson, sucking his cock like she was eating an ice cream. This was followed by an image of the gorgeous Heidi Silzer rubbing her pussy in his face and culminating with incredibly pretty Keisha Dinsmore, a gymnast and cheerleader, bending over for him to fuck it right into her butt. Cody shrugged and said, “Okay, go ahead, and added with a faint grin on his face, “Show it to your girlfriends if you want, I don’t mind.”

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