Doctor Fucked My Ass By Mistake

Doctor Fucked My Ass By Mistake
Doctor Fucked

Doctor Fucked

I never like the doctors. I don’t mean the sort of psychotic fear that men in white robes have of people in the medical profession.

But the truth is we women are burdened with different naughty parts that require us from time to time to get nude in front of a doctor.

How many brave gentlemen do you think start screaming when a doctor tries to shove a finger up their butt? Well, imagine if they had to handle double orifice penetration with their feet in a pair of stirrups. There was nothing wrong with me, I’d just been experiencing a bit uninterested in fulfilling my duties when the speech was about marital bed. I still had sex with William a few times a week but something was terribly missing from my sex life. I believe it’s orgasm. My orgasm, not his.

I didn’t want to lie on my back for the rest of my life thinking about what meal in the fridge I would eat after my husband finally finished fucking. So I decided it was time to look for some expert advice. So I did that crazy thing that girls do when they’ve got a medical problem, I made an appointment to visit a physician. Maybe there was some kind of pill they could give me to awaken my clit in those times when William fucked me. I’ll admit that even I was a bit confused to see my regular doctor with a complaint so intimate in nature. So, I polled my girlfriends for alternate doctors I could consult.
Wow! These chicks had been frequenting a great amount of sawbones in hopes of curing the whole panoply of female complaints. Of course, lots of them had just sought out physicians, but I needed almost the opposite. Finally I settled on a practice in the ritziest district of town. In one of those highly exclusive boroughs where you have to make an appointment three weeks in advance just to cross the street. Of course, rich girls required twats that functioned at the highest level. As for mine, you could have whacked it about with the ball-peen hammer to no real effect.

I finally settled on a doctor whose name was Jonathan Desena. He had a substantial practice out in Ramada Hills and after six calls I was informed that they could fit me in the following Tuesday and to bring money. In the meantime, my hubby fucked me twice. Tuesday, couldn’t come too quickly! I was becoming increasingly nervous as my appointment loomed. No one really likes to be prodded and poked in their most intimate areas by a thick-fingered doctor but considering my problem, it was inevitable that I should suffer. Still, it had to be addressed and the faster I had it done the less likely it would be that I would reasonably chickened out.

On that important Tuesday morning I was so anxious, I could hardly drink my coffee for breakfast. The fear of stranger’s indelicate hands performing unspeakable procedures upon me had absolutely dulled my appetite. As for the day’s wardrobe choice, easy to put on and take off was the name of the game. I took a taxi to the medical center while that way, I could drop a few Xanax beforehand to calm down. It was twice as much as I usually took and I became so calm and relaxed, I could scarcely remember the address of the building. When I got there I gave the taxi driver mellow tip and entered my destination building.

I was greeted by female receptionist. Upon signing in, I was handed a 17 page questionnaire probing into every injury, malady I’d felt since birth. I didn’t lie in here, a bit vague there and absolutely dishonest when it counted most. The people sitting next to me looked like they required medical and surgical modifications. They only thing we all had in common was that we were freezing out in the waiting room and didn’t like the crappy penguin movie playing on the flatscreen TV.
After they’d called everyone else’s name in the waiting room, including lots of people who got there way later after I did, I was finally called. A disinterested nurse led me to a small disinterested room. I was asked to remove all my clothes and put one of those little robes that leave an open stripe down your back and ass. There is nothing more uncomfortable as being forced to take off one’s bra and panties in an incredibly public room for somebody you have never met. But I was there for solving a problem, so I did as I was told.

And I waited. And waited. And shivered. I sat on that examination table/couch for at least 45 minutes. It was so cold in there; I almost wanted I still had some hair on my pussy while I was afraid it was going to freeze over. At some point I realized that I need to call my neighbor to walk my dog or I’d be facing a lake of piss in the vestibule when I got home. I reached into my bag but my phone wasn’t in there. Crap! I must have left in in the car. I hopped up and wandered off looking for a phone. Fortunately, a few doors down I found Dr. DeSena’s office. Once inside, I made a quick call and was just about to go back to the examination room when…

“Oh, there you are,” a voice said behind me. “Ah, yes doctor,” I have stammered. “I’m sorry I left the examination room.” “That’s no problem, my dear,” he answered in a warm friendly voice. “I can examine you right here.” “Here?” “Why not? If you bend over my desk, we can begin.” Needless to say, I didn’t know what to do, but he was a doctor…I bent over his desk, as he yanked the back of my robe as wide-open as it could get without snapping the cheap plastic belts that were holding it together. I hadn’t even seen my doctor’s face, yet I was exposing my vagina to him. At times like this, you search for something in front of you to focus on to keep your mind distracted from the situation you are in.

“Now what seems to be the problem?” he asked me. “I have a problem,” I confirmed, continuing to stare at a couple of uninteresting book titles on his shelf, “with my sexual desire.” “Well,” doctor sighed, “I think there is every hope of a full recovery after a set of procedures. Do I have your consent to cure your trouble at this time?” “Of course, doctor.” “Great, then we’ll proceed. Now if you’ll just reach back and pull apart your gluteus maximus, I’ll get to fix what ails you.” So I reached back and did what he asked, regardless of how embarrassed I was. “Now, I’ll be applying some sterilized lube to the area around your sphincter. It may be a bit cold to the touch but I ensure you to try and relax.”

I heard a splurt in rear and then a couple of fingers started to dab and smear some amounts of KY around my ass hole. Probably if he was my husband, as opposed to some strange man in white robe, I might have considered it rather pleasant. The next thing I felt, he’d penetrated my anus with two fingers. I shrieked at this unexpected and uncomfortable move. “So far so good,” doctor told me, making a small circular motion as if to loosen up my ass hole. “What could this probably have to do with my libido?” I wondered as he kept violating and stretching my anal hole.

It didn’t take him long to answer my question. To be immodest and blunt, doctor DeSena proceeded to unzip his pants and press the head of his erected cock against my ass. Needless to say, I was shocked and horrified and also in a lot of pain as he forced his dick into my butt. If I wasn’t so overwhelmed by the feeling of his cock pushing its way deeper in my anal hole, I would have screamed for help. But all I was able to do was gripping the edge of the desk trying to deal with my astonishing anal agony. “Now I’ll put my hands on your thighs,” doctor informed me, “to enable me to shove my cock in your ass hole with the force and intensity required to finish your treatment.”

Sure enough, he grabbed a hold of my thighs and proceeded to anal me. You can imagine how painful this procedure was getting. I gasped for breath, as doctor slapped my butt and drove his cock even deeper into my anal hole. By now, I was fully ready to shout but something quite remarkable and unexpected started to happen. The more he helped himself to the moisture and warmth of my ass, the more my pussy seemed to respond to it. Sensations that I had not felt in a considerable time were awakening as my twat and an upper legs were being smashed into the antique desk’s oaky finish.

No matter how inappropriate and rather illegal Dr. DeSena’s methods were, they definitely worked! I heard myself moan and lift my butt to meet his thrusts. The long-lost feeling is going on in back. I gripped the table even harder as my pussy started to clench and the head of his dick seemed to be scraping up and down on the inside of my spine. Then everything went kind of hazy as we reached orgasm within seconds of one another, my girly squirts covering the top of his desk and soaking my robe. Doctor DeSena wheezed and gasped as molten eruptions of his jizz filled my ass. It took a few minutes for my orgasmic spasms to ubside to the point where I understood how much my ass hurt. Reaching back delicately, I help guide his slowly shrinking cock out of my thoroughly-fucked ass.

“Thank you so much doctor,” I told him, “my complaint seems to have disappeared completely.” DeSena grabbed his wallet and pulled out bills. “I believe we dealt with $500,” he said. I was a bit confused. “But…Shouldn’t I be paying you? Though, I’m on Blue Cross.” Doctor looked at me. “You are from the Miss Naughty Escort Agency, aren’t you?” “Escort agency?? I am a patient. I had an appointment.” “Oh my God! I’m so sorry. I was on my lunch break and ordered some “fun” to help relieve some of my professional tension.”

I was shocked, stunned, amazed and quite sexually pleased. Being taken for a whore was hardly an ego booster but I guess I could realize it under the circumstances. I came back home that night and had my husband fuck me up the ass with completely startling results! Our sex life went way better since that time. I still visit Dr. DeSena’s office twice a week for a full and thorough anal examination and I’ve never had to worry about a medical bill ever since.

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    oh fuck! I wish I had a doctor like that!

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