Howard Busch Face Fucks His Ex-Mother-In-Lawd

Howard Busch Face Fucks His Ex-Mother-In-Lawd

Howard Busch Face Fucks His Ex-Mother-In-Lawd

After 5 years of miserable marriage Howard Busch divorced his wife.

It hadn’t been an absolutely unpleasant break but there were several bits of memorabilia they spoke about. Nevertheless, when she met another guy, who she called as her ‘Mr. Wonderful,’ she wanted a clean break and so she phoned her ex-husband to pick up the disputed items at her mothers. It seemed she didn’t want anything that reminded of her unhappy matrimonial with him.

Howard Busch actually hadn’t had much of contact with his mother-in-law while his job took him and his ex-wife to the other side of the state. He knew Sonya was a very pretty forty + who was the life and soul of their wedding and had a tendency to swear much. When he reached the house his reception was far different than he thought it to be. She hugged him and said she was appalled that her daughter would have broken with a handsome man like him for her present boyfriend who she called ‘Fucking boring.’

As he’d traveled a long way Sonya had a meal served on with a great bottle of wine to say nothing of her best lace tablecloth. Howard Busch was quite struck by the way she looked, somewhat like as if she was going to a cocktail party and her makeup made her years younger than she actually was. After the initial festivities they took brandy and for this they sat in the living room across from each other. She knew that Howard could see right up her leg to the small white strip that covered her pussy but she didn’t seem to mind.

‘I remember when Lisa’s father broke up with me,’ Sonya said. ‘It was the happiest day of my life as he was a good cock, but he didn’t want to have sex with me. And even when I could convince him to fuck my pussy he just jumped on it, went at it like a fucking deranged monkey and that’s all.’ She sipped on her brandy and added – ‘He has never ever gave me an orgasm.’ Howard Busch nodded but didn’t know what to say. ‘You made Lisa cum, didn’t you?’ she asked. He nodded again, wishing he wasn’t involved in such a private line of questioning.

Sonya moved forward and sat on his chair arm, ‘Do you realize I’ve never ever reach an orgasm, I had to ask Lisa what it was like. Well she told me you did something with your tongue that made her fly away from this planet.’ Howard Busch didn’t in fact remember his ex-wife ever thanked him for doing such things. And while he was trying to remember anything he felt Sonya’s hand on his thigh. ‘I’d give anything to get your tongue in my twat. I’d just want to cum once in my life.’ Howard thought a woman so outgoing had perhaps had more cocks than a second hand dartboard but he didn’t think it would offense her.
‘I would be happy to please you’ he said, ‘but it scarcely seems right for you to be banged with the same cock that’s fucked your own daughter so many times.’ ‘I don’t’ care,’ Sonya said, and at that very moment fell on her knees before him and started to unzip his pants. Despite the fact he felt a little queasy about the situation he started to feel the influence of her Chanel #5 and a sight of her boobs swaying in her low cut, loose fitting top. She tussled with Howard Busch  pants so she could get them around his ankles and then she gently caressed his balls and pulled the skin on his dick way back. Nasty woman licked the end a bit but then asked him to stand up, ‘I need you to fuck my face,’ she reported.

Howard Busch felt rather horny by now and it felt rather good as he slipped it past her soft full lips in her mouth. Holding onto her long hair Howard began to slide in and out again and again. She gripped on to the cheeks of his butt and urged him on a bit until he was her head all over the living room as he moved faster and faster. When Howard understood he was cumming he gripped tighter on her hair and simply pounded away until, with a loud shout, he shot his jizz. He felt weakness in his legs and she seemed a bit dizzy after the battering her head had taken but it didn’t stop her from quickly getting out of their clothes.
When Howard Busch was nude he grabbed hold of her and pulled her so that she knelt on a chair facing him. He sucked, licked and fondled her nipples. Sonya was moaning with pleasure as he was sucking them so hard. Howard just licked and spit all over them sending her straight into trance. He was now waiting to get his tongue inside her twat and to do this he got her to crouch with her feet on the arms of the chair so that he could lick her pink cunt. Sonya tried to move up and down a bit which took her pussy out of range and so he grabbed onto her butt cheeks to keep her in position.

As he kept on licking up and down her twat she began to scream, ‘Oh fuck – I’m about to cum – keep doing it Howard Busch – keep doing it.’ After that she let out a loud shout and gripping on his head she held his face tight against her wet pussy until she’d finished trembling. Howard’s cock was as stiff as a rock again and he just grabbed onto her and they both rolled onto the floor. Sonya tried to play coy, closing her legs as if she didn’t wish him to penetrate her but as soon as he sucked her boobs again she opened wide and let him thrust his dick deep inside of her.

Holding her arms behind her head as if she was in jail he pounded it in and out with measured strong thrusts. Sonya arched her back, thrusting her swaying boobs up towards him, as he screwed her hairy bush. It didn’t take him long before his sperm surging upward and they both roared together as his goo filled up her cunt and he made those last strong strokes to drain every drop. As Howard Busch stood over her, with his cock still dripping, a man opened the door and came in. ‘Hi,’ said Sonya rising up from the floor, ‘This is Lisa’s ex-husband Howard – Howard this is Lisa’s new boyfriend Charlie.’

The two shook hands even though Howard Busch  felt a little self-conscious with his dick dangling in the front of him. Still nude she slipped off to get the things that Lisa had promised him while he put his clothes on. The guy just stood there smiling. ‘I suppose she told you she had never ever had an orgasm,’ Charlie laughed, ‘She tells me that every time I come in – but she’s such a good fuck I just pretend I’ve not heard it earlier.’ When Howard Busch  was going to go he thanked his ex-mother-in-law for the things, then turning to Charlie, he patted him on the cheek. ‘Nice to meet you, Mr. Wonderful,’ he said and left with a big smile on his face.


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    sexySarah 7 November, 2014, 18:04

    she’s sly! fucks everyone she likes, even her daughter’s boyfriends!

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  2. nick
    nick 6 November, 2014, 18:36

    some moms are hotter than their daughters! this one is totally sexy!

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