The Hottest Sex Positions Everyone Should Ever Try.

The Hottest Sex Positions Everyone Should Ever Try.
Sex Positions

The Hottest Sex Positions Everyone Should Ever Try. Part II

Sex Positions Part II

You have already read our first entry dedicated to sex positions a contemporary person cannot deal without. The world we live in isn’t that calm as it used to be thousand years ago when the Kama Sutra was composed. We’re in a hurry all day long and are short of time to have sex. Anyway, for those of you who want to bring some variety to sex life is our second part. We’ll teach you how to have not boring sex using helper objects.

1 The T-Square Position

Its advantage is in the natural transition from the classic positions to more unusual ones. The receiving partner lies on their back with knees up and legs apart. The penetrating partner lies on their side perpendicular to the receiver. The penetrator can also try to put the receiver on their belly and repeat the same maneuver.

Our advice is to try to lift the receiver’s legs upper towards penetrator’s face for deeper penetration if the receiver is flexible enough.

2 The Wrapped Gift

Its advantage is in the relaxed position together with the deep penetration and intimacy. Both partners lie on their side facing each other. The receiver wraps their arms and legs around the penetrating partner.
Our advice is to press the receiver’s legs as close as possible for deeper penetration.

3 The Missionary Position Variation

The advantage is in the refreshing of the old boring missionary position. Put a little pillow under the receiver’s loin for more comfortable angle of penetration. The penetrating partner is on their hands as if he is going to do a push up. This will allow to shift the part of the penetrator’s weight on their hands.

4 The Missionary Position

Its advantage is in the extensive tactile contact. This position is the most used one in the world. It provides intimacy and allows the partners face each other. The missionary position allows the penetrating partner to control speed and thrusts. The receiving partner likes to feel the weight of their partner and the intimacy of the moment.

You should mind this position doesn’t allow to keep ejaculation that long because of the intensive thrusts. To make the process more effective you must change the positions and put attention to clitoral stimulation. Our advice is to place a little vibrator between the receiving and penetrating partners for better clit stimulation.

5 The Spoons

The advantage of this position is clear for pregnant women and chubby guys. Its literally perfect for long intercourse. And it’s also good for falling asleep later. Both partners lie on their side facing the same direction, the penetrator is behind the receiver. The receiving partner bends their knees and hogs for more comfortable penetration. You can change the angle during the intercourse.

Our advice is to breathe synchronously. One of the partners chooses the rhythm and the other one adapts to inhale and exhale simultaneously. It’s interesting!

6 The Climber

The advantage of this position is a great eye contact plus the whole weight of the penetrating partner shifts on their hands. It’s especially perfect choice if the penetrator has immaculate press. Once the receiving partner sees the press, she will think something great is waiting for her. This position displays penetrator’s strength and press at best. Usually the penetrator is on top and the receiver is on bottom.

Our advice is to go down for the penetrating partner to kiss the receiver without stopping the thrusts.

7 The Glowing Triangle

Its advantage is in the strong clitoral stimulation and better chance for the receiver to get an orgasm. This position is very close to the missionary one but has one exception. The penetrating partner is closer to one of the sides and a bit higher. Their chest touches the receiver’s shoulders, not breast. The receiving partner spreads the legs at an angle of 45° and bends their knees for the proper clit stimulation.

Our advice is to strain the receiver’s legs. The moment the penetrating partner moves down, the receiving one should move towards.
8. The Toilet Position

It’s advantage is in the fact it can be used for quick sex at a party. Once no one sees them, sex partners slip into a bathroom. The penetrating partner asks the receiver to stand in front of the mirror and then penetrates from behind. This pose allows the penetrator not only to see the process, but also the receiver’s eyes! So everyone wins.

9. On The Couch

The advantage of this position is in the quick intercourse. Besides, it’s more interesting to have it beyond the bedroom. The penetrating partner asks the receiver to lie on the arm of the couch, leaning their breast and dangle the legs. Then he penetrates the receiving partner. By the way, the receiver’s arms are free!

Our advice is to cross the receiver’s legs in the air. This will make the contact tighter as the vaginal muscles get more strained.

10. The Fan

The advantage of this sex position is in the stronger and harsher thrusts. It’s perfect for small rooms such as kitchen, especially if the receiver wears a skirt. The penetrating partner asks the receiving one to bend over and lean against the furniture. The penetrator enters from behind, holding the receiver’s hips to support her.

Our advice is to stretch the penetrator’s hand for clit stimulation.

11. The Indian Headstand

It’s advantage is in the calories burning. The sex partners can also move around the apartment and keep having sex. Everything starts as in the fan position: the receiving partner bends over while the penetrator enters her from behind, lifting her hips. The receiver puts their legs under the penetrator’s arms taking her weight on her hands. This sex position will bring you real pleasure!

Our advice is for a receiver to strain the vaginal muscles rhythmically.

12. The Dragon

The advantage of this sex position is in the G-spot stimulation. Besides the penetrating partner can see the receiver’s cheesecake. The receiving partner is on all fours on the bed edge, legs apart, while the penetrator enters her from behind.

Our advice is to spread the penetrator’s legs wider with the receiver’s legs between them, and squeeze her knees for tighter penetration.

13. The Chef

The advantage of this sex position is in the quick sexual intercourse including deep penetration. As the penetrating partner stands, the receiver lifts their legs up high and enfolds the penetrator’s waist. The kitchen table can simplify the task.

To be continued…

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