Independent trans webwhore Delia DeLion

Independent trans webwhore Delia DeLion

Delia DeLion  (also known as Delia CD) is a relatively new transsexual amateur actress.

Her bright appearance, tempting solo performances, luxery body and long legs make her a very popular among shemale lovers.

Delia DeLion  told that she was a crossdresser since an early age (12) and she kept it a secret. After long soul searches Delia lately transformated to living as a woman of full value. Since 2002 Delia DeLion  lives with a busty girl, she mets her after starting living as a crossdresser. Her name is Trixie and she likes to make photos and videos with Delia. There are a lot of cameras at their home and fans can keep an eye on their privat live and tender relationships. In 2008 with the full Trixie’s support Delia DeLion  starts a hormone therapy to looking and feeling more womanlike. She thanks to the support of some fans who sent her grants for brest enlargement surgery in 2010. Delia jokes that she keeps her dick.

Today DDelia DeLion is popular amateur american transsexual who has her own site with exclusive privat photos and videos. Through them she and her gf Trixie let fans spy on their day-to-day lives. Her site nominates for an Xbiz Award this year.

But this shemale not just an amateur actress. Delia DeLion shoted for some sites periodically. Recently Delia gets a magic offer from Jay Sin from Evil Angel Films. He invites her to make two scenes in LA: one shemale-shemale-male and one shemale-male-female. Delia agrees because this big name lable is very prestigious and because she loves some Jays’works. She flyes to LA and has two shooting days with Christian, Sienna Grace and Maia Davis. Delia emphasizes that this work became her best experience. Delia DeLion waits that scenes would be ready by the end of December or in late January.

And there are some interesting facts about Delia DeLion  at the end:
– her hair is naturally curly;
– the best present for Delia is legwear, especially silk stockings, high socks and pretty shoes;
– her birthday is Halloween – October 31;
– she likes sexy lingerie very much.

Enjoy awesome videos and photos of Delia Delions and follow her life.

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    I wonder what makes guys to turn into girls

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