Lucky Twin Sister Gets A Dick

Lucky Twin Sister Gets A Dick
Lucky Twin

Lucky Twin Sister Gets A Dick

Maria and Marcie are identical twin, completely indistinguishable physically but they in fact didn’t have the identical personality.

Since Marcie turned 16, in her sister’s words she became a bit of a slut. This made it rather difficult for Maria as guys, thinking that she was Marcie would come up to her and tell the most vulgar things. It was a reason for Maria to move to another city but of course she had to come home to visit her parents sometimes. It was on one of these visits that Marcie asked her sister to do her a favor.

She said she’s gone and done something really foolish. Marcie got her calendar mixed up and she had dates with two different guys that night, so she asked Maria to fill in for her with Ed, as he wouldn’t know the difference. He was a really nice man and they were only going to watch a ball game. Maria rejected her offer at once but then Marcie pleaded and pleaded until she agreed. After all nothing much could happen at a ball game.

The arrangement was that Maria would go to Ed’s apartment at 6 and pick him up, as his car was in the shop. She knocked on the door being nervous and was just a bit shocked when it opened and Ed, dressed in his robe, greeted her with a hot kiss. He said he’s been going crazy waiting for her and as horny as hell all day just thinking about Maria. As he said it, he panted giving her tits a little squeeze.

Maria was ready to just turn around and go away but she didn’t. In spite of his brashness Ed was actually handsome, with a really great physique and the most sensuous lips Maria ever seen or kissed. He too her hand gently in his and guided her into the living room kicking the door shut behind them. Ed said he knew she always liked to have sex on the bed but he’s got a surprise for her. He pointed to a massage table in the middle of the living room. ‘We can try some really nice stuff on that,’ Ed smiled and added he purchased it yesterday and he could hardly wait to try it out.

Once again Maria was willing to run away but he connected her with those amazing full lips again and all her inhibitions seemed to disappear. The next thing Maria knew he was gently slipping off her top, then taking off her bra. She responded cautiously by removing the tie on his robe revealing a big upright cock. He let the robe fall down altogether as he went down on his knees to take off her skirt and panties. Ed was still on his knees for a while and separating her vaginal lips with his long fingers her put his face into her pussy and gently flicked his tongue from side to side.

Maria began to tremble and Ed, sensing she was ready for something more, he led her to the table. Instead of inviting her to lay down on it he occupied that position himself and asked Maria to stand behind. She stood there nervously looking at his dong extending upwards and guessing what it would feel like deep inside her vagina.

Ed reached for her upper arms and drew Maria forward until her pussy was in the right position for his lips and tongue but then he produced yet another surprise for underneath the table he had a sex toy, one of those with the little rubber extension that stimulates the clit during vibration. Maria didn’t see a dildo so she got rather a shock when Ed shoved it and turned it on.

As she felt the amazing warm feeling it produced her instinct was to take his big cock and just blow it as hard as she could. As the sex toy kept buzzing and she got more and more excited Maria increased the pace. When she started to feel herself reaching an orgasm she took Ed’s dick deeper and deeper down her throat and when her body began to tremble crazily, as she was overwhelmed by a strong orgasm, Maria felt him jerk upwards as he was cumming in her mouth.

Maria simply flopped down on his warm body and he removed the dildo and very gently repositioned her so she was lying on her back. Ed was at the side of the massage table and started massaging her gently first with his hands and then with his tongue. He sucked her erect nipples as he ran his fingers around her boobs and then he gently pulled her down the table until her legs hung over the edge. At this point Ed was standing between her legs and he knelt down to lick her pink pussy once again. Maria couldn’t believe what was happening. Usual in absolute control she began to yell, ‘Fuck me! Fuck me now!’

Ed stood up and his cock, which was erect and throbbing once more, was at just the right height. As he looked down at her sexy body he began to shiver a bit himself and then with one strong move he shoved his dick into her pussy. They gasped simultaneously and Maria started to move her thighs in a grinding motion as if to say let’s fuck, let’s fuck now! Ed required no extra hinting and with his hands underneath her butt he began to stuff her vagina so hard the sound echoed round the apartment. Maria stretched out and grasped his forearms as his thrusts became faster and faster.

Crying, ‘Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck,’ Ed made the final giant thrust that shot his cum deep inside of her pussy. Maria was excited so much, she had never felt anything like that before. They managed to repeat the session in the bedroom before they had a dinner together later and then she came back home. ‘How was the game?’ asked Marcie, who was disappointed with her own date. ‘Oh, it was what I would call – a giant of a dick-up,’ Maria replied, smiling to herself.

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  1. willy
    willy 6 November, 2014, 18:34

    what a trick! I wish I could meet and fuck twin sisters…at the same time!

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