The Main Myths about sex toys

The Main Myths about sex toys
sex toys

sex toys

Attitude to sex toys and sex shops gradually changing from curiosity and some suspicion until quite normal perception.

If earlier use of sex toys was concealed and considered as something shameful, but these days – it is practically a norm. Yes, and it is so hard to resist when there are so many interesting variants of these toys among the stock of sex shops.
But, nevertheless, myths about the use of sex toys are still alive and spread all the time. Let’s try to destroy the most popular ones.

1 Sex Toys are used only by single people who do not have regular sexual partner

According to statistics, almost 90% of adults at least once tried something out of the range of a sex shop. Overwhelming majority of women having constant sex partner, from time to time use a vibrator for self-satisfaction, and together with a partner at the same time. Using sex-toys – is not only a way to please the needs of the organism, but also a great opportunity to diversify the sexual relationship with husband or boyfriend or with a regular partner and to improve the quality of sex.

The most frequently bought sex toy at the sex shop is vibrator. It is most often chosen as the first sex device. Men often choose different penis nozzles and rings that increase the duration of intercourse, and further stimulate the erogenous zones of the woman.

Also there is a common misconception that the vaginas and masturbators are usually bought only by diffident men, who aren’t so popular with women. In fact, masturbators and vagina – it’s also a way to try something new and quite confident and successful men buy them. Masturbator may well be part of the couples sex games. For example, a line of disposable Tenga masturbators is estimated as a sex toy for couples.

2 Sex toys cause addiction

Another common misconception about the sex-toys use is the fact that they are addictive and make it difficult or impossible to reach an orgasm with a sexual partner. In fact it is not so, sex accessories can not replace a real person, their options are limited, they are not able to hug and kiss. Many men tend to be jealous of the vibrator and consider it as opponents. Very often when choosing a vibrator as a gift to the woman, the main criterion of its choice becomes its size –but it shouldn’t be bigger than a partner’s penis. But this attitude is fundamentally mistaken – a vibrator can not replace the penis anyway, it gives a completely different feeling when it is used. So the desire to use a vibrator, in no way associated with the fact that a man can’t satisfy a woman. It’s just a desire to diversify sexual life and try to add some new feelings.
In addition, the use of a vibrator and other sex toys by woman is the chance to understand her body and mechanism of reaching sexual pleasure, as a result further it will be easier for her to reach orgasm with a partner.

3 Using sex toys deprives intimate relationship of tenderness and feeling of intimacy between partners

Tenderness in sex and intimacy are not connected with the use of sex toys. They either are in the relationship of man and woman, or they simply don’t exist at all. Intimate goods only help diversify sex, save it from the routine that so often occurs after several years of married life. Proper selection of sex toys helps to open completely new sides of pleasure.

4 Using sex toys can harm health

The range of erotic sex goods is made by famous manufacturers and has all necessary quality certificates. Accessories for sex are created specifically for this purpose and are perfectly safe. Some health problems are possible only if not keeping the rules of hygiene or using defective toys. In other cases of possible harm you shouldn’t worry at all.
Many products existing in the range of sex shops are recommended for use by physicians, for example, Prostate Massagers are often advised for use by men, as a mean of treatment and prevention of prostatitis or vacuum pumps for erectile dysfunction.

5 Sex Toys are used only by the perverts

Tastes differ. Unrealized sexual needs can significantly spoil life. Very often it is difficult to tell about sexual passions even to a beloved one, not mentioning about bringing him to their execution. The simplest solution in this case can be sex toys. Today it is already XXI century and the argument what is normal and what is perversion is not quite appropriate. Getting rid of complexes will help to get a lot of new enjoyable experiences of intimate aspects of life. Have fun with sex toys and make your sexual life more bright and full of orgasms and just positive feelings of course.

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