Sex positions Part lll

Sex positions Part lll

Today we are going to share with you out next set of sex positions which you can find in the famous book for adult, well-known Kamasutra.

We have prepared for you some suitable positions for a quick penetration as well as some hot positions for oral sex. We hope you will like them and of course try them with your partners. These poses are as for the rapid sex in public places as well as for homemade sex with comfort in bed. We are going to give your some pieces of advice according to each position so that your sexual intercourse will be unforgettable for both – you and your partner. Learn these simple tips and enjoy every day’s hot sex!

1 “Poseidon”

This sex positions means sex in the water. The main advantage of this position is that it is an excellent choice for the quick sex in the field conditions, while nobody watches what are you doing. The water makes the weight of your partner lighter and it is much easier to fuck her hole in the water. Everything you should do it is make her hole free from swimsuit and get your dick free of your swimming trunks.

2 “The sitting wheelbarrow”

For this sex position you need less effort as for the analogue of similar but standing position. But nevertheless sensations are anyway just perfect.
And we have one piece of advice for you. It’s better to sit at the bed edge or sofa. It is difficult to move but penetration in deeper. That’s cool!

3 “Ballet dancer” or “The lustful leg”

It is position for a quick sex in a tight place. It is also ideal for adventures outside the house. This sex position makes it easy to penetrate inside her pussy. She controls movements, depth and angle of penetration. Stand face to face to each other. She raises her leg and she grabs your waist with it, thus pulling you to herself closer. It is standing sex position.
And now our advice. If it is necessary, hold her leg with your hand, and if your girlfriend is flexible enough, so she can raise and put her leg on your shoulder. Such penetration will be even deeper.

4 “Standing”

This sex position gives you a chance to observe the penetration of your dick in her hole. You stand near the edge of the sofa or bed, where your girlfriend lies, raising up her legs to your chest. Her knees bent, as if she has a chance to make the exercise a “bicycle”. Grab her by the ankles and go on moving! Move slowly because the penetration will be very deep – it can be painful for your partner.
We advice you to put her legs on your shoulders so the contact will be much closer.

5 “Polka”

The main advantage of this sex position is dual stimulation for her, and for you – it’s a great view of the intercourse.
Lie down on your back and bend one leg, while the other will be stretched. She … uh-uh … saddles your bent leg, holding it between her hips, and sits on your cock top with her face at your feet. Girlfriend should hold your knee to make it easier for her to move.

6 “Passenger” or “The Perch”

It will be her girlfriend’s favorite position because it helps to get her pleasure from stimulation of her G-spot.
Sit on the edge of the bed or chair, dropping your feet to the floor. She sits on your lap, or rather, between her knees. For convenience your girlfriend may hold the armrests or squat using her legs strength. She can control the angle of penetration. It is something like doggie-style sex, but the main role in this position belongs to woman.
As for advice, sitting in such position your girlfriend can stimulate your dick with her hand, as well as you can tease your nipples.

7 “One is on the top”

This sex position is ideal for women who have particularly sensitive one side of the clitoris.
Kneel down before bed, where is your girlfriend lying. Raise one of her legs and ask her to keep her hands in such position below her knee. When a woman raises her one hip, it will be easier for you to get to the very inaccessible area.
We advice you to ask her to set the rhythm.

8 “Cowgirl”

In such sex position your girlfriend can control everything. And at the same time it is a great position for G-spot stimulation.
The position when the woman is on top, gives you the abyss of interesting sensations and angles, and for her it is the chance to control the process, it sets the path and depth.
We advice you to lie down, snuggling to each other with your breasts and let her pull her legs over your legs. Leaning with her feet on your legs, she can do circular motions, that help to stimulate her clitoris.

9 “Empress”

As for the advantage of this position it is perfect for oral sex. So you make your girlfriend relaxed and will create the right mood for further sexual intercourse.
Let the girl sit on a chair, with her legs spread, and you are standing on your knees in front of her. Great position so she can feel herself relaxed and excited. It will be easy for her to guide you, and even more – the view for her from the top will be excellent.
We advice you to place your girlfriend on the whirl chair and slightly move it to the left and to the right.

10. “Position for the indirect clitoral stimulation”

The variation of this sex position “one is above” is perfect for the beginning of your intercourse.
Some women don’t like the direct clitoral stimulation. If during oral sex, she would move the legs close, it would be better. For additional pressure put one hand on her lower belly, and then proceed to the very indirect stimulation.

12 “Without face” or “The Amazon”

What you may like about this sex position is intimacy and convenience for the lasting pleasure.
Sit on the edge of the bed or the couch, and let the girlfriend sit on your cock top facing you and hugging your neck with her hands on your shoulders. She may just move up and down, can make circular movements, change the speed – while it will be a sin if you don’t hold her ass.
Our advice is to use a rocking chair for unforgettable feelings!

12 “Lazybones” or “The Basket”

In such position your girlfriend can control an extensive tactile contact.
Put pillows under your back and lean on them, stretching your legs. She sits on the top of your cock, placing his feet on the floor. Again, the speed and angle of penetration – it’s her choice.
We advice to try from this position “Spider” or “X-shape positions, descriptions of which you can find in our previous parts.

13 “Reverse cowgirl”

Placing a pillow under your head, you will get an interesting spectacle. Again, it is only thing for you is to control.
Lie down on your back and stretch out your legs. Your girlfriend sits on your cock top, resting his knees on the bed, facing your feet.
We advice you to move her girlfriend closer to your face and further from your chest, so you will change the angle of penetration.

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