“What are shemales: are they males or females?”

“What are shemales: are they males or females?”

They say, shemales are guys with female breasts and make-up.

They dress and act like women. But transsexuals say that they are real females inside, in their hearts, instinctively they are girls. Let’s get outside of this question.

First of all let’s talk about biology, about the construction of the human body. The difference between male and female are the reproductive organs: a woman has a vagina (and appropriate supporting organs), a man has a penis. Transsexual was born a male. And still he is a male. Because no matter what plastic surgery he has done or what clothes he preferes, or what make-up he uses, or what gender he preferes to have sex with. A functioning of a penis makes you a man, a functioning of a vagina makes you a woman. It’s our physiology.

So shemales are men. Men with breast implants, in ladieswear and make up. But they want to be women. That is why they do their best for their appearance modification. If they live home alone or go to a big city where they can feel more freely, they wear girls clothes, make some bright make-up, behave and talk like a female. If they are serious in their intentions they start taking female hormones , which make haunches wider, skin smoother and hairless, voice higher, muscles smaller and make small boobs develop.Tgirls try a hormone therapy, plastic surgery, hair extension and stylistic experiment.

There are a few kinds of transsgender persons:
– pre-op – means before gender-reassignement surgery to give them female genitals;
– pos-op – means they have had the operation;
– a “third sex” – they never get the surgery.

The full surgery engages the penis and testicles. The penis is sort of turned inside out like a sock and put inside the cavity like a vagina.The skin from the scrotum is transformed to look like the extarnal lips of the vagina.
Some transsexuals have their testicles removed but keep their dick.

So are shemales guys or girls? This question is very complicated. Tgirls prefer to call themselves “trannies”, a lot of ordinary people call them transsexual or transgender. But shemales are sure: they are real women.One of tgirls says that she is still a woman, the only difference is just one thing…just one! She notes that they understand like a woman, love and care more than a woman. This shemale admires women, likes her women friends, adores some women’s beautiful faces, body, hair, lips, eyes but it doesn’t turned her into a real man. She is still a shemale who is the best for guys who just like tgirls more than real woman.

There are many man, homosexualist and straight but mostly straight who are very attracted to trannies, because of their femininity. One guy, who had a sex with a tranny said that that almost every man has fantasized about this. He noted that his transsexual lover girl acted like real woman, more so then most girls he has been with. His point of view: if you find the right tranny, she will have a strong feminine energy and treat you well. The asians and some latina shemales are the best, high feminine energy, with a something extra to play with.
So if you will have a chance to communicate or meet with a transsexual – come on!

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